He's A Good Reader

He asked for his own card for the library.

 I could think of a half dozen reasons to say 'no', most of them having to do with me having to remember another thing, and the other half having to do with me being responsible for another thing.

However, he turns that happy face at me and I look at those freckles and I'm willing to do just about anything.  I'll deny though if asked!

He was so happy he walked right up to the desk and said to the volunteer "I'd like a library card."

 She was an older, new volunteer and didn't know what to do about that!  She looked a bit terrified and quickly found someone who knew what to do!  I thought for a moment that we'd be leaving the library without a card and with a very sad boy.  

Instead we left with books for us girls and two videos for Kyle.  Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Larry Boy.  He has refined taste, this boy. 


  1. Tell Kyle thanks! This reminds me that I need to renew my library card. He sure does look like a happy patron of the library!

  2. Yay for library cards! Yay for freckled-faced cuties! Yay for moms who say "Yes!" :D

  3. I am with you about not refusing that smiling face, Kyle is so adorable, I know he brings much joy and pleasure to you.
    I find it so refreshing to see a child ask for a library card instead of a toy, that usually only last for a while, but this card will bring him much joy, kind of like the energy bunny, it will last and last.~smile~
    I also like his taste in books, it reminds me of our son who liked Dennis the Menace,Family Circus, and Peanuts. Buzz Lightyear wasn't around back then, and if it had been I am sure it would have been on his lists.
    Your pottery gift from Amy is so pretty.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed Resurrection Sunday.

  4. I can see why you can't resist that face....Oh my goodness he is super-CUTE!

  5. Yay Kyle! Elijah has his own library card and like to check out the videos too. I hope he starts liking to read like you do!


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