The Sun Is Shining...

and it's going to be in the 40's today.

Tonight it is going to start snowing after midnight.  It is supposed to be the most snow we've had all winter.  14 days before Spring!  So crazy, but hey, March can be like that here!

At least the girls and I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, as we are expecting anywhere from 6-12 inches where we live.

I know the younger set are excited!  They've been waiting for at least one good snow storm this year!

By the weekend, it will be nearly 50 and sunny!  Spring is coming!  
Our state celebrated William Penn's father receiving the charter for the land that is now our state on the second Sunday in March, by making all the state museums free to the public! 

We are going to go to Landis Valley again this year.  Several families from church went last year and had a blast!


There was a lot of fun to be had at our house last evening.  Sonja and Asher, two of our young friends came over and watched movies, at homemade pizza and popcorn.  Their was some train building and some girlie fingernail painting too.  They are so fun.

Are you in the path of Winter Storm Saturn?  Am I the only one still getting a chuckle out of the fact that we are naming Winter storms now?


  1. Saturn? Hmmmm...I lost track of one...what was R? Since we've had snow or snow flurries for days and days...this stuff is the worst because it falls over ice, which then is hidden. I know so many people who have fallen, including John who has been really hobbling for a week.

    I love that cute pile of people! What fun!

    As long as it melts quickly, the storm provides another day to bake or be cozy.

  2. Every time I check our local weather on, I roll my eyes and chuckle at their headlines of another winter storm named "whatever" hitting the U.S.

    Someone had too much time on their hands, hehehe.

    Ready for Spring here, too. Watching the "weather" out the window and very glad we are warm and cozy inside.

    March is known around here for wacky weather.

  3. I remember enjoying a few snowstorms when we lived up north years ago. It makes being inside so much more cozier. Especially with family.

  4. I haven't seen a good snow storm since I was a kid and then it was lucky to be a couple of inches.. here we in Australia where I live we are lucky to get 1/2 an inch that usually doesn't settle. I am sure my kids would be delighted to see a heavy fall as all kids are.
    I love the photo under the blankets it sounds like lots of fun. Blessings

  5. Just starting to snow real "good" here. Evening events are canceled all around...When we've had enough here, we'll send it on to you :)

    Hubby and I went out to a mid-afternoon dinner at Cracker Barrel and came home to watch it snow.

    Looks like fun and excitement at your house as you anticipate snow fun tomorrow. Be safe.

  6. For some reason (or maybe it isn't "reason" at all!), I am always surprised by March's diversity of weather. Silly me.

    I think I'll just hunker down tomorrow and do something wild and crazy like spring decorating! Or maybe I'll just end up doing something sensible like making soup.


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