The Only Problem With Spring...

is that our relaxed schedule, is no more.  

 This week brings a return to a full schedule in the shoppe, no more winter hours, and a return for the girls to Sight and Sound.  Also Kayleigh, has begun managing a brand new Subway store so she is working insane hours, and that means we are also taking her to work, watching Kamryn and picking Kay up from work.

Bye bye days where no one had to head out early in the morning.  Bye Bye days to go visit friends.  Bye bye not having to drive people everywhere!

Hopefully Kayleigh will be getting a car soon.  And hopefully we will add a car to our family too, and that will lighten my driving load!

I am thankful for this break we've had.  I am so thankful for loving, happy relationships among my family.  It makes it a joy to spend time together!

The actual return to work at S & S for the girls is technically this Saturday, but they both have department meetings this week.  We also return to a five day schedule in our shoppe, Fab Fashion! And Friday is Emma's 19th birthday, and our friend Sarah's birthday too!  So we have some celebrating to do!  

Friday is also the employee premier of Noah!  We are excited to get to see this amazing show here in Lancaster County again!  It's only playing for this year, so if you want to see it get your tickets soon!

Today, we will be doing school, Lindsay and the younger kids then will be going to spend time with a young family from church, while to Mom goes to an appointment.  The men of our church are having a dinner tonight to honor our assistant pastor.  He will be 90 this year!  One of the men in our church is bringing his two youngest to hang out here during the dinner! We will have so much fun - we are going to have homemade pizza, paint Sonja's nails, make popcorn and watch a movie. 

Awesome Coral handbag from our store Fab Fashion!

Does the return of Spring bring changes to your schedule?  We are going to have lovely mild weather this week!  So exciting!


  1. Oh my, no more resting! Some days are busier than others:) Have a blessed day dear friend, get a little rest when you can! HUGS!

  2. Sounds like a really busy time for you all!

    As soon as it warms up a bit I'll be outside preparing my raised beds for the summer veggies and I'm going to make a few flower beds bigger. You never know how long spring will be in Georgia. We might only have a few weeks and then get into the heat or we might have a long rainy one. You never know!

  3. No matter how busy you all become, I know that you will enjoy the blessing of fellowship with family and friends. Oh, yes, it is time for some cars in the family!

  4. My son-in-law returned to work today, after a ten-week hiatus from his lawn care business, so my daughter knows the meaning of that springtime tightening of the schedule. For us, the changes are not as significant.

    I am so glad that we were able to enjoy a visit during your somewhat slower winter season!

  5. Generally speaking, it brings a renewed busyness about here too. Right now, I'm just focused on getting that (wish I could think of a good, appropriate adjective here...) kitchen finished so I won't miss spring.


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