Chat Time!

So, as you know this has been a crazy week.  Thank you all again for praying and remembering Rachel.  You're sweet and I love you for it!


The store has been slow.  Like death nell slow.  If it doesn't pick up we won't be keeping the physical store past June.  That's the stark reality.  We have great products, and service.  People come in and LOVE everything, but then walk out with out a purchase.  I have seen many businesses disappear one by one.  In fact I stopped at one today, and they were no longer there.  It's sad.  It is a sign of the economy and the fear people have.  Oh, yeah and a little thing called higher taxes or more taxes.  I understand completely!  Everyone's paycheck is smaller,  and yet the cost of everything has gone up.  This cannot be sustained.

We are trying to up the profile of our online store, and do more events.


I am working on a new article for our state wide home school magazine.  This one is about reading and how each child is different and may come to be a reader through different methods than their siblings did.

We're hooked on a BBC series called Foyle's War.  It is set in wartime Great Britian in the 1940's.  There are three new episodes due out this year and we can't wait!  Have you seen it?


I also like a program called Wartime Farm.  You can find it in 8 episodes on YouTube.  Alex Langlands, Ruth Goodman, and Peter Ginn show what it was like in Great Britain on a farm during WWII.  I learned so much!

This trio of presenters also do Edwardian Farm, Victorian Farm, Tales from Green Valley, and Victorian Christmas.  Our whole family has enjoyed watching these!


Our seed order came last week.  I am excited to start some seeds soon.  I hope to have a nice herb garden this year.  I am also hoping to have a good veggie garden.  


I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Remember that God is good.


  1. I do love a chatty post!

    I am sorry about the slow business in your store. I know you have such beautiful goods to sell and it must be discouraging for all of you to see those goods just sit there. May God's will be done and may He direct your decisions.

    I'd love to read your article. I know I can personally relate to the differences in how children learn to read! I am sure your article will be an encouragement to homeschooling parents.

    I am going to bookmark some of your viewing recommendations. There is such a dearth of good stuff on network television...and yet there is quality material out there if we know where to look.

    Thanks for the chat!

    Yes, He IS good!

  2. All the time....He is good.

    Praying for God's guidance about the store. I totally agree that your products are great and the store looks fantastic. People are simply not buying. Hopefully something changes soon.

    I'll have to check out your viewing recommendations. All of a sudden I'm really into watching things on my Kindle. So fun!

    See you tomorrow, Lord willing.

  3. Yes, I have seen all these programs and really enjoy them. Have not seen each episode and so have many more to dip into.

    Times are very tough. I do not know how any of us will get through without divine help and that's the truth. We are looking to downsize all the time and downsizing from the Haven is saying a lot. We both could say so much more and there may come a time when we will. I feel as if I am perpetually biting my tongue.

    One thing is certain, God has a plan for you and yours right in the middle of these economic times and He will provide.

  4. I will be praying for your sells to increase, and for guidance in decisions made for your store, times are so troubling right now, your strong faith tells me that you know that God cares about all of the work all of you have and are doing! I have found from personal experience that God honors our work and faithfulness!

    Thanks for sharing these programs. Living on a farm even today gets harder and harder to make a profit,mainly because of big government, it is God that continues to take our farm through these troubling times. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your weekend.

  5. I was so excited when I saw the preview of the new season of Foyle's War since it looks so "cloak(sp?) and dagger". Love that!

    The smaller stores here are taking a hit, too. Our local economy is better than most because of the University but otherwise a lot of stores are hurting.

    I've mentioned that my daughter and her husband have noticed a significant cut in their disposable income. The price of gas and the increase in taxes have hit them hard.

  6. Will you keep your online shop open? I really hope the store picks up for you soon.

    I look forward to reading your article on teaching a child to read. I think that's the area we struggle in the most.


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