The Big Switch

 One of my favorite things about home keeping is that I can rearrange things, to my hearts content I might add, to make my home function better for our family.
Kyle had always been in the pass through bedroom and with him getting older, it was becoming an issue.  So we did the big switch! He moved to the smallest bedroom that Rachel and Sarah had been sharing, and they moved to his old room.

 Kyle has Nate's old platform bed.  It actually can be a bunk bed by putting lower rails but we don't want to do that at this point.  I decided to put his train table under there, it pulls out easily when it is needed for playing.

 Sarah gave Kyle her desk and here it is in all it's glory!  Actually, I need to organize a bit but it has his clock radio/cd player on it that he listens every night.  The train photos are from an old calendar.

 Here is his bed, he loves sleeping here. I am planning to paint the walls, as soon as I figure out what color to do it.

 Here is the girls bed in their new room.  The color of the walls are perfect with the curtains the girls use!

 The shelf that goes around the room has been perfect for the girls artwork.  
 The dolls and the pink chair make me happy.

 Sarah is my budding artist...

 I love seeing her artwork around the house...

 Two more curtains at the closet...the door on the left goes into the master bedroom which is Lindsay and Emily's room.

 Their cute stitcheries that Auntie Paula made them...

We had some sad news this morning.  One of our chickens died...I hope poor Lottie will not be too lonely, until we get a few more chickens...


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your chicken....looks like time to get a few 'new' friends.

    By the way, the rooms look adorable! I love the chair rail, acting like a shelf....a very good idea!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. I love all the beautiful colors and artwork around your house.

  3. So sorry about your chicken. I hope the other one survives the rest of this summer.

    Also, the girls' new room looks great!

  4. I love that shelf around the room! WOW!! I want one!! haha

  5. I love what you did with the space Kyle was in for the girls. Perfection!

    Sorry about your chicken. We lost one too a week or so ago in the bitter cold.

  6. I love that wide shelf around the girls' room.

    Sorry about Lola. That's sad news indeed.


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