A Change Of Plans...

 Sarah and I are supposed to be headed out to the dentist in  less than an hour.  We were supposed to have a wintery mix this morning, then a break in the weather and the snow would start up again in the afternoon.  

However, it is snowing now here and we already have 3 inches!  Our road has not even been plowed yet.  So I will be calling the dentist's office soon to reschedule.

I guess I will have a few extra hours on my hands.

Time to look through these organizational books I found at the library.  

 Time to read a book or two to the kids.  This book "The Big Snow" by Berta and Elmer Hader, was for sale at the library's bookstore.  They sell used books.  It is a Caldecott Medal winner and was .50 cents. We have already read it once, and I am sure we will read it again before the day is over.  

More chapters in "On The Shores Of Silver Lake" By Laura Ingalls Wilder, music appreciation, math, nature study are all on tap for today.

We will all stay cozy and warm thanks to our woodstove, which warms our whole house, and thanks to Tim's diligence in chopping wood!

I think that I will pop some stew beef, carrots, potatoes and onion into the crock pot with some dry onion soup mix and that along with the Sweet French Bread Rachel made yesterday will make a fine lunch.

Rachel also wants me to start her skirt, so we will likely work on that as well.

What are your plans for today?


  1. Laundry, Chelsea is making cream puffs, Reading, working on a caramel candle in a special container custom order and a nap would be nice....

    This early snow caught the weathermen by surprise. I think they were so caught up with the storm to come that they just overlooked this one, or something.

  2. What a cozy snow day! Gorgeous picture of the snow. Oh, btw, I absolutely love the header on your blog and the wallpaper.

  3. Such a wonderful day!!! Our weather is much more mild than yours here in Colorado...so I have spent much of my time outside to soak up some sunshine. So far, I was able to clean the kitchen, dust the house, finish laundry, clean baseboards, wash blankets, walked Molly, cleaned washer, cleaned bathrooms, and hung up some signs....next is a few hours of work, bake some banana bread, and finish my cup of coffee!! Have a most blessed day, and stay warm!

  4. Mrs. Rabe,

    Isn't it funny how the weather suddenly changes your plans? Sounds like you are getting alot of snow.

    Today I have been doing oodles of laundry. In between that time, I decided to vacuum the house and do some general straightening. I also read a few chapters in my bible, and I shall prepare dinner soon before my husband returns.

    Have a blessed day.

    -Lady Rose


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