A Bedroom, But So Much More

I mentioned on Saturday, that I was working on rearranging my bedroom.  I love the way the sunlight is streaming through the windowThis room is the original 'master' bedroom of the house.  It is 12 feet square.  Not a large room, by any means.  It is a room that frequently has overnight 'guests', meaning my younger children, who love to either climb in with us, or bring a small mattress in and sleep on it.   We also have a dresser, an armoire that houses dvd's and such.  Lots going on in this room.  It is a hub of activity as our whole house is on a daily basis.

This time with our children is fleeting.  One day we will be living here and looking forward to our children coming for a visit.  I look forward to us all remembering all the slumber parties with mom and dad, movie nights in bed, being close to us when they were sick.  These are the ties that bind our hearts together.  

This small room works just fine.


  1. I love your bedside table, and the colors! We've started another project- a fireplace in the living room!

  2. Sounds like the perfect place to me....such wonderful memories, that will forever be cherished. Have a blessed day!

  3. You are right, the light streaming in is so wonderful! I can just imagine sitting in the bedside chair and reading ............ahhh....

  4. You've made your room a cozy retreat...you're right, your 12' space will some day be a place of echoed memories- enjoy the guests while you have them!

  5. What very sweet thoughts! Everyone seems to like to congregate in our small bedroom, also. And little Ezra still sleeps with us in our little queen size bed (he usually starts off in his crib and then gets in bed with us in the night).

    I love the colors in your bedroom!

  6. Your bedroom is lovely. You are blessed. This post reminds me of the house I left behind (my blue cottage) where I had many precious memories.


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