Rag Baby Quilt

 My niece and her husband are expecting a baby in about 6 weeks.

 They like classic Pooh.  It is a perfect pattern for a baby especially when you are not going to find out the gender of the baby before the baby is born.

 I am loving this wee hedgehog.

 And the wee chickies who Pooh think are "Small Pieces of Fluff."

I love how the edges, when snipped, get ravelly.  

These are sweet quilts and go together very quickly.  I love thinking of Crystal wrapping her wee babe in this quilt that was made with love for them.  Such a privilege to have such precious family...I hope I will get to see this sweet baby early in it's life.

Praying for you Crystal and Andy and wee babe!  You are loved.


  1. oh my, what a whispery soft quilt. this is beautiful and i'm sure it will be well loved and cherished. :o)


  2. It's adorable, Deanna! I think I asked before and I I don't remember if you answered, so I'll ask again: When do you sew the Xs through the squares, before or after sewing the squares together?

  3. I sew the x's before putting them altogether, that makes it so easy to put the quilt together without having to use pins, etc....


  4. I adore Winnie the Pooh too, and this quilt is gorgeous. The baby will be so comfortable and secure snuggled in it.

  5. I love this one!!!

    It looks so comfy. Of course, I happen to love Pooh!

  6. So cute and cozy looking! In response to your comment on my post...SEEEERIOULSY!!!!!!!!!!! Why on earth do we stand for sensationalizing such stupidity! Sometimes it is a real addiction that needs to be dealt with, but the dude with the doll...for real.

  7. I love your quilt! The colors are so great and it looks so cuddly! I love Classic Pooh, too. :)

  8. This quilt is darling! I am certain it will be loved. It brings to memory my youngest son and his love of Winnie the Pooh. He had a stuff one from Disneyland that he carried around when he was little.

  9. I have always been and still am a HUGE Pooh fan, so I totally love the quilt!


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