Tom's Shoes

Cousin Evan is a special guy.  He loves his cousins and sends them cool gifts.  One gift he has sent are gift cards for Tom's Shoes. 

This shoe company gives away a pair of shoes to a needy child around the world for every pair that is purchased.  One for One.

Evan has been in Scotland for 3 months on a missions trip and will be coming home next week.  He has a heart for the Lord and for people.

We love you Evan, and are proud of you. Oh, and thanks for the shoes, both from us and 4 kids somewhere in the world!


  1. Your cousin Evan sounds wonderful.

  2. How exciting! I'd love to purchase a pair for us someday...I love the fact that they give a pair for every pair that you buy.

  3. That is neat! I like the shoes and your Evan is a very good fellow.


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