The Girls Bathroom

In the afternoon yesterday, Emily painted their bathroom.  This is a small room in the bathroom that has the shower and toilet in it.  It get no natural light at all. The color is the same as we used in the living room - a Williamsburg color called "Palace Chambers Yellow." 

This photo does not show the color in it's right tone.  This is taken with a light overhead and no flash...and looks a tad green.  It is not.  It is warm and lovely, especially with the white ceiling and white trim.

What fun to have another painter in the house!  This will relieve me of sole paintership and what a good skill for her to have for her future!  A family can save a lot of money by being able to do these kinds of skills themselves!


  1. Yea for Emily! It's always good to have helpers.

  2. Between you and Becky I feel the need to paint something!

  3. It feels so good to accomplish a project like this. Good for Emma.
    Chelsea is resisting my help in her room so far. She says she'll ask for help when she is desperate. lol

  4. A yellow bathroom sounds delightful. I need to repaint ours to be a bit more cheery soon. :)


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