Our Escapee

Isn't Cheyenne cute?

This time of year she is likely to be found across the road, having stepped through the electric fencing and in search of 'greener' pastures.  She does this at least once a week, her blanket, and the weaker charge from the solar unit, keeping her from being deterred.

During Spring and Summer there is a lot of green grass in their pasture.  Even then she can be found with her head out of the fence trying to eat the grass outside of the pasture.  Cheyenne is definitely a "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" type of a horse.

Our horses get grain and hay twice a day in the fall and winter and if it is really cold overnight, we give them some extra hay.  They also wear blankets.  It is getting to be an annoyance to have to go out early in the morning, to bring her back into the pasture.  

I guess we are going to have to close her into her stall every evening.  At this point we don't have doors on the pasture side of the barn, so they can easily go in and out. My dad has talked about getting a 4 foot pasture gate for her stall, and Tim has said he could just make half doors like the other side of the barn.  I don't think I care as long as we don't have to go across the road to get her and fix the fence every few days.  

Just so you know our other horse Sandy doesn't do this.  She is content to stay put, because she knows she is going to be fed.  She just stands there and watches and sometimes even calls to Cheyenne like "come back here, where are you going?"
Seriously, the grass across the road is covered in just as much snow as the pasture! 

Crazy horse.


  1. pretty horse. lol. Not fun if your the one having to deal with her though!!

  2. Such a beautiful horse!! And what a wonderful story!

  3. I would be doing something! That would make me crazy. But she is a sweetheart.

    Love seeing Kamryn on the horse already. She will grow up with them. How cool!


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