Happy Birthday Lindsay!

 She is a horsewoman...
 She is adored by children - especially little boys, and why not?  She can make swords and bow and arrows, she sews tunics and hand paints  Rampant Lions on them....she loves to help others learn about horses and riding.

 She is a wonderful sister and friend...

 She is a natural beauty...

 More comfortable behind the camera, than in front of it...


Dad and I are so proud of you.  You are sensitive, kind, generous. You are a hard worker, yet a dreamer...you love to learn.  You are our resident 'techie' - you have the ability to figure things out, when I don't have the time or interest! 

You are modest in behavior and dress, and have become a lovely woman.  You are my friend - we are different in so many ways, and I am so thankful to God for making you who you are!  We need you!

It delights our heart to see you walk in truth.  May God grant you many more years of life and joy in walking with Him.



  1. Lindsay is all that you say. A wonderful young woman.

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

  2. Happy Birthday to a very lovely young lady. Hope your day is very special!

  3. How sweet! Happy birthday Lindsay! The Pennington are praying that you have a WONDERFUL day. :)

  4. How can I add to that.!! I appreciate you so much and your willingness to help me whenever I need you. Many "Hours" were spent helping me with my "techie" issues. Ha Ha Grandpa and I are so proud of the woman you have become. We love you dearly.

  5. What a beautfiul woman you are Lindsay! Happy Birthday!


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