A Quiet Day


We went to dinner at my Mom and Dad's house last night.  She made "halupkes" or stuffed cabbage.  She learned from a neighbor years ago who was married to a man from Poland.  

Our friend Denny, who is of Slavic decent has been talking of missing some of that food.  He mentioned especially the stuffed cabbage.  I just happened to mention that my mom makes really good stuffed cabbage and she offered to cook some for him.  He loved it - said it was the best he had ever had.  She sent him home with a 'care package' of more.  Games, talking and fun were had.  

Then Rachel mentioned she didn't feel good, so we headed home.  Kyle stayed - it was his turn to spend the night with Grandpa and Grandma.  As soon as we got home, my mom called to say that Kyle had thrown up, so I headed back to get him.  Sarah called while I was on my way to say that Rachel had thrown up!  NO!!!!!

I cried out to the Lord in my car!  Please Lord, let this be over and done.  Keep the rest of us from getting sick.  We had been sick in November and it was BAD.

Thankfully the Rachel only got sick that once and she slept all night.  Kyle was sick a few more times, and he too, slept all night.  

He is back raring to go, and Rachel is taking it a bit more easily.  We are having a quiet day with them and thanking the Lord for answered prayer.  

Lindsay and Emily are headed out in a bit to help clean Denny's store.  He has a very bad knee and cannot get up and down easily.  It is a blessing to be able to help each other. 

ps - Kyle and Rachel did not eat the stuffed cabbage....just sayin'.


  1. Oh No! I cannot wait for Spring! This has been such a horrible Winter for sickness.

    Glad your Mom was able to bless Denny this way.

    Your girls are surely a blessing to him, as well.

  2. You can be thankful Rachel and Kyle did NOT eat the cabbage! Glad it sounds like everyone is on the mend...hoping it stops there! Enjoy your quiet day!!

  3. My husband had the stomach flu for two days. I also sought the Lord's grace in protecting the rest of us. So far, none of the rest of us have had this. Praying for you, too!

  4. We eat the stuffed cabbage too. we call them gulupkes.

  5. Hmm...maybe next time they *should* eat the cabbage...just sayin'...none of you who *did* eat it got sick, right?

    Stuffed cabbage...good for what ails ya! ;-)

  6. mmmnn, I'm thinking this cabbage recipe needs to be shared. just sayin'. ;)


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