Starting Off The New Year...

 These photos have nothing to do with the post but I like them so I put them on!

I am already behind and I haven't even started yet!  The plan is to get back at school this week - but I started to run a low grade fever last evening and am stuffed up, so we will see how it goes today.  

Saturday had all the makings of a frustrating day - Lindsay didn't feel well and that threw a wrench into all MY plans.  How inconsiderate of her, eh?  Poor girl, she is feeling better now.  We did get the bathroom walls and ceiling scrubbed but that had to wait until Tim got home, as I just couldn't quite reach well enough.  sigh.

My flesh wanted to have a hissy fit.  Things were not going how I had planned!  But due to the Lord's mercy in my life to continue to help me grow into His image - He is not known for His hissy fits - I managed to remember to leave the outworking of the day to Him.  He knew/knows just what is needed for each day.

 And it was a good day...peace reigned in our home, Emily made double chocolate cookies - so good - she drove to the store 2 times for things we needed, the younger girls cleaned their room and played together...

 It snowed all day, the pretty, big flake kind of snow, Kyle had so much fun playing in it, when he wasn't riding shotgun in the van with Emily!

Today, I am going to 'rest' in what the Lord has for me.  It may not be what 'I' had planned but He knows what we need.  Last night as I laid in bed feeling under the weather, He sent Kyle to lay with me, and to tell me over and over that he loves me and that I am the best mom.  It was precious to me to savor that time with him.  He told me that he will never forget me, or grandma, or Emmy, or his whole family!  He then skip counted by 5's for me, to 100!  The Lord was so good to send me a physical comforter...

So...I will take today as it comes, and cherish every opportunity to build love, affection, and fun with my family, whether 'my' plans are accomplished or not!


  1. Beautiful.

    I am so sorry you are not well.
    Life does throw us curve balls.
    All approved by our Creator and accomplishing His purposes.

  2. Sometimes I think our sick days are gifts sent to us to slow us down, and allow us to "catch a breath". Thanking God for Kyle with you. What a sweet little man!

    Feel well soon!

  3. I have the same problem, Mrs. Rabe. My list isn't always God's list. We are headed to the PA Farm Show later this week. Will you be attending? Have a blessed day and I hope you all get to feeling better. XO

  4. I understand completely about the Lord having a different plan. I too struggle with the "hissy fits". Feel better soon and enjoy our snuggle day.
    Your Texas friend,


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