Sweet Woodland Animals and A Question

Well, the consensus seems to be - boy like.  I love it though and am still going to make it into a quilt.  You never know when a baby boy blanket will be needed.  I still must search for a gender neutral fabric.

 Our niece Crystal and her husband Andrew are having a baby in about 8 weeks.  It occurred to me that I better get busy and make a quilt!  When I inquired I found out they don't know if it is a boy or girl and they don't have any colors picked out for the nursery.  So, what to do?  Andrew is an artist and loves color and my niece is a purple lover but I just couldn't see a possible baby boy wrapped in a purple blanket.  I looked around my favorite fabric place and found this sweet woodland animals print. 

 It does have blue in it, but I think the colors are neutral enough...

 Who can resist this sweet owl?  I mean who-oooo?

 Momma Opossum and her babies climbing in the tree...

Cute squirrel!  

Tim says that it seems like it is for a boy! Really?  I loved the little woodland animals....What do you think?


  1. at first glance it looks like a boy's but you could make it work. I see alot of owl's on baby girl's clothes. there's also alot of girl's clothes that are brown, with blue accent colors. my nursery was themed Winnie The pooh, it worked, it probably looked more like a baby boys room that a little girl's room, the dresser was painted in white, with green and yellow drawers.

  2. yes, looks like for a boy IMO too but could easily be 'tweaked' for a girl... could you do the quilt except for a border and then as soon as bubs is born either finish it as for a boy or for a girl - a soft pink border in the same tones might work well if needed?

  3. It does read boy, but owls are so popular these days, that I think it will work for a boy or a girl. I certainly wouldn't mind using it if I had a baby girl!

  4. I think it's cute, but it does remind me of something that is more for a boy. Sorry, friend.

  5. It does look boyish...but I will say that when we bought Caydens crib bedding, I tried to go for boy or girl so that maybe we can use it again in the future! But if they have a girl maybe you can add a small girlie border to it!


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