Homemade Gifts

Over the last several years, I have enjoyed making gifts.  I've made rag quilts, knit shawls, did stitchery, sewed aprons, made baby blankets, made beeswax glow pots.

It is wonderful to sit and create something that will bring pleasure to another person.

We are in the midst of a small baby boom at our church, and I am so happy about it.  I just love growing families and getting to snuggle a wee baby is delightful.

We've had three gals due very close together and we have one due in late October.  Of the three due close, 2 babies have been born and I made baby Owen a quilt using denim from my girls old jeans and new soft flannel.   I can't find a finished photo of the quilt right now but it turned out beautifully and here is what the fabrics looked like

Baby Ben received a red knit blanket with a crocheted edge.  His Momma likes red and I thought it would be a great color for a boy.  I do not have a photo for that.

Last night we had a shower for these moms, including the baby boy Joshua who hasn't been born yet.

This family lives on a little farm and they have chickens.  I found some fabric yesterday and whipped up a simple small quilt.

It turned out so cute!  Just the thing to tuck around baby in his car seat or as he gets bigger to toss on the floor for some tummy time!

Now we just need Joshua to make his appearance!

If you are not a gift maker, can I encourage you to give it a try?  It is so lovely to do and I know that I cherish the gifts that people have made for me.

If you are a gift maker, what kinds of things do you make?


  1. Tea pot cozies that can alternate as hats. =D

    I think it's wonderful that you make such beautiful and practical gifts!

  2. Lovely! But Deanna, you MUST get better at taking photos of the finished projects. We want to share int he joy! ;-)

  3. I embroider and EPP!

  4. I used to be more of a gift maker than I am these days. I get frustrated when they don't turn out the way they looked in my head. My most favorite gifts to receive are hand made ones, and I never look for perfection so I don't know why I am the way I am about giving them.

    Dumb. Need to fix that.

    And yours look wonderful. I can picture the denim one in my head and I'll bet yours looked just liked it. Grin.

  5. Homemade gifts are the best. I sew and quilt and embroider and love working with my hands.

  6. I make rag quilts and tulle fairy skirts. I like to make jewelry, but I'm usually satisfied with how it looks so I keep it... LOL


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