We have long planned to add fruit trees to our property.  This year I asked for them for a Mother's Day gift and my husband was happy to comply.

 Looking south back toward the house...two peach, then two apples.
 We bought Crest Haven and Garnet Beauty peaches...

 And Liberty and Old Smokehouse apples...
 Tim took some scrubby trees down that we have on our propertyThey were growing out of the trunks of trees that previous owners had cut down, but had not removed the stumps.  This made for messy trees, very weak and unstable.  Basically they needed to be removed and this was a good time to do it.

 Tim burned a lot of it but most of it is being chopped up today for bonfire wood.  

 The two strawberry beds have been weeded and are flowering well.  We are going to have a nice crop of fruit by the end of the month.

I love these kinds of improvements.  I like that we have room to have our property work for us - it's not just a pretty property but we have a garden, and now fruit trees.  Oh, and a batch of chicks on the way - 7 Black Australorps and 1 Silver laced Wyandotte.  So pretty!  Cash the Rooster will be a happy fella in a few months!



  1. That sounds wonderful! I would like to have some fruit trees, too!

    I have been sooo busy on our little "homestead".

    I bought some chickens...3 Silverlaced Wyandots, 3 black barred Plymouths, 3 Red sxx linked chicks, and 3 Tetra Tints. They are so wonderful! The first six are about 10 weeks old and the others are about 4 weeks old.

    I've been working in the garden, too, and have planted a LOT of things. My beans are actually starting to come up as of today!

    Have a lovely Mother's Day! We are going to celebrate our newly adopted little boy's 7th bday on Mother's Day!!
    Beth B.

  2. Your charming cottage is becoming a charming farm! Nothing like fruit that you don't have to purchase. How is Tim getting the stump out? I saw something on Pinterest recently, but can't remember what it was... It was, at least, about removing stumps.

  3. What a practical and lovely gift!

  4. I love gifts like that.....practical, beautiful and something that will keep on giving for years!

    Those are some wonderful improvements!

    Can't wait to hear (and see pics of) all about the new chicks....

  5. It would be so wonderful to have all that room to plant and grow and even have chickens! Trying not to envy as I am stuck in my subdivision.

    It used to frustrate me even more, but I have learned (and keep learning) to be content where God has me.

  6. Thanks for your fun comments, everyone! We are enjoying the process of growth and change that includes our property as well!



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