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Hey friends,

For over a month now I have been getting random emails saying that my comments on your blogs, couldn't be delivered.  Yet often when I asked the blog owner or checked myself on their blog, the comment was there, they had received it!  So I chalked it up to some crazy blogger issue and hoped it would straighten itself out.

Today on my blogger dashboard it let me know I had over 40 comments awaiting moderation.  I never saw them there before and they didn't come to my email - which they all used to do.  Many were from Dotsie at Podso - she is having trouble with my blog, as well as I with hers, so I thought I would ask if anyone else is having issues with my blog.


It's not the end of the world but I don't like to have issues of any kind, I just want smooth sailing….

Life's not like that though, is it?


  1. This is a longstanding issue for many of us. I have to check my comments daily for those that don't publish and I am no longer getting all my comments in email either. And, further, I understand that many are getting the undeliverable message when commenting on my blog. Nothing is perfect...rats!

  2. I've not had any issues with your blog at all. Blogger seems to be very capricious! I do know of others who have experienced troubles lately. Hope that it all gets resolved soon.

  3. I haven't had any problem at all commenting but I don't go back to see if the appear. I just had my first e-mail from you in a long time but I assumed it was just a regular e-mail (to which I will respond when I get the housework all done!).

    I'm on Firefox if that helps. The only problem I am having on Blogger is it loses my photos before posting.

    By the way, people using Type Pad are having terrible problems with it crashing.

  4. I had problems back when you switched some things on your blog (but I think I told you that at the time?). Lately, I haven't had trouble, just haven't been around as much.

    Of course, since comments don't appear right away, maybe it hasn't been as trouble-free as I think?

  5. Because you have comment moderation I don't always check back to see if my comments made it to your blog. I get those undeliverable messages for each comment I make on anyone's blog. Since they show up on the blogs that don't have moderation, I just assume they are still working but there is some bug in blogger/google. Also, not all comments made to my blog show up in my email box any more. I generally comment if I take the time to read a post, and always comment on yours. You must have thought I was MIA !!!

  6. The short answer to your question is "No, I have not had any problems with leaving comments on your blog." (Unless you count the times that I have not noticed whether my comment had gone through and then I made it again and then found that I had commented twice...but that is "user error"!)

    The long answer is that I have had such problems in the past elsewhere. I have also had other blogger issues. But they always tend to work themselves out somehow...either by googling a solution or by blogger seemingly fixing an issue. Blogger is wonky.

  7. I have not had any problems dear friend! Hope it gets resolved! HUGS!

  8. I have actually had trouble getting comments to publish, but I had been assuming that it was on my end. I didn't realize that there might be a blogger issue with it.

    (If you knew me IRL, you would kind of giggle at that. I generally assume that I am the one at fault in any situation. It shouldn't surprise me that I assumed the same technologically as well. Grin.)


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