Thursday, February 12, 2015

An Unexpected Day At Home

I was supposed to go to tea today.  We had to cancel last week due to one of the friends' child being ill.  Today it is another friends' sick children.  We are hoping for next week.  One of the friends is moving back to Texas in about 3 weeks!  We are going to miss her so much.

So with an unexpected day home, I thought I'd show you some photos of a few projects and some great book finds at my library's bookstore.

My first project is a new Scrapbook Journal. I have only begun to glue in pictures that I've cut from magazines.

 I try to use things that catch my eye, something that speaks of my style or at least of something I find beauty in.  Things that inspire me are also great to use.

 When my Mom came over this week she brought me a present!  She saw it at the store the other day and said it reminded her of me, so she bought it for me!  I LOVE IT!  Thank you Momma.

 I've started a light weight scarf for spring.  I love this color and want to bring more of it into my wardrobe.  I already had the yarn, which is a plus, and I like to keep my hands busy when we are watching a movie.  We just got Tim caught up on Downton Abbey.  He'd only seen bits and pieces of it so we started a few weeks ago, showing him an episode or two in the evenings.  This is perfect for a project because I have seen them before, I can easily work on a project and follow the storyline.

Our little local library has a great used bookstore.  My girls and I pop in there frequently.  It is a great place to find books we want to own, for a fraction of their new bookstore cost, and we support the library this way!  It's much better than paying overdue fines!

Recent finds are these great coffee table books.
 This book is great if you like Herbs.  There is information about all kinds of herbs, garden designs, recipes.  All with wonderful photos.  I also recognize the name of one of the authors  Emelie Tolley.  She was a writer and editor for Victoria Magazine years ago.  

 I also found this book by Victoria.  It is a beautiful one, and features lots of projects.  I may use this as a birthday gift for someone.  It's in perfect condition.

This book was found out on the "For donation" table.  They suggested a donation of $3.00.  I couldn't believe it!  This design book from Ethan Allen is fabulous!  This book is pure inspiration.  The other two books I showed were only $4.00 a piece.  The day we bought these we also found a few hardback novels, a Beverly Lewis book for $2.00 and several children's books (including a few Narnia books that we needed to replace.  We've worn out our original set) for .50 cents apiece.  If you have a used bookstore at your library, I encourage you to make use of it!

I think I will work on a few shelves today.  I am changing out the decor on them.

Kay and Nate are one day away from being completely moved out, and into their new place!  We are excited for them, and for us!  I have some ideas for what I'd like to do in the basement.  But I am so happy to that we will still have Kamryn here with us everyday!

What are you up to on this February day?


  1. Love the new scrapbook journal! I stopped by our library's book sale room last week. It didn't have much this time but sometimes I find great deals. Those are fabulous!

  2. Can you share your scarf pattern? It looks pretty easy? :-)

  3. I was doing a journal and decided I liked to save things in a file on my computer instead. Of course my could go 'poof' and disappear whereas you'll still have yours.
    I like the colour of your spring scarf and of course the tea sign your mother bought for you. I hope you get to tea with your friends before the one moves away.

  4. What type of book are you using for your scrapbook? (I've thought of doing this, but haven't actually gotten around to it....) Your days sound pleasant. If you lived closer, I'd happily give you some books that I need to "weed" out of our collection. Between hubby and I, we have W-A-Y too many. It is so difficult for me to know where to begin--what to keep, what to dispose of, etc.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have a day at home to do with whatever you want to do? Love finding a good book at a great price! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Deanna,

    I am chuckling, you are such a kindred spirit! I have both the herb book and the victoria book!! I would venture to guess we also have some of the same tea cups, I know I have the same fabric as is on your bed. Too funny!
    Your twin sister in Idaho,


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