To All My West Coast Friends

I grew up in Southern California.  If we wanted to see snow we had to drive 2 hours to the mountains, in the winter.  It was not something we did on a regular basis.  On Facebook many of my California friends are showing off their very warm winter.  Unusually warm winter.  They keep saying, "Sorry, East coast friends."  It's all in fun, but I'd like to say that while, we are having a very cold winter (less than last year but more than normal for us), and I am not being buried in the white stuff like they are in Boston, I don't mind winter.

It truly has a beauty all its own.  It also has a way of slowing us down.  We enjoy roaring fires in our wood stove.  We enjoy gathering in the evenings to watch a movie together, or to read a book aloud.  We get to wear cute scarves and fun boots,  heavy jackets, warm gloves, and hats. For warmth and not just as a fashion accessory!

 This is the sight that greeted me this morning.
Tim had already done all the animal care and left for work.  He texted to say that the roads were only wet though they were a bit slippery.

 I love looking at my neighbor's pine trees covered in snow.

 To see the wood smoke rising from the chimneys, and smell its wonderful scent in the air.

 To look in the buried garden and know that Spring will be here soon! We will rejoice because we love Spring.  It's a treat going without jackets in 50 degree weather (because it feels so balmy after 10 degrees), to see the crocuses pop up and the daffodils, then the tulips.  To celebrate Emma's birthday and then Easter.

The beautiful frosty windows of God's design will be gone, but they'll be back next winter.  The view outside this window will be green grass and pasture, beautiful trees with fresh green leaves.  Everything will be lush, because we are not in drought conditions, and our water table is high, because of our snow.  Our creek will be running.

I've learned to embrace each season, each day with joy.  To not look ahead and always wish I was at the next season or the next 'thing.'  I want to be right here, right now.

So West Coasters, enjoy your sunshine and hot weather!  Embrace it!  It's yours.  But please don't feel sorry for me.  I'm enjoying each and every day of this season.  I hope you do too!


  1. As much as I enjoy a month's reprieve in Florida for February, I love our changing seasons too. When you grow up with cold and snow, it's not winter unless they're present.
    I was just looking at snow photos from blogging sisters that live on PEI and in New Brunswick - wow, they're buried in snow this year.

  2. Well, frankly, I wish we had a week or two of winter. It's been a few years since snow fell and stayed here. I always enjoy it.
    But I will continue to enjoy the sunny days we are now experiencing! Embrace the seasons as they come for we can't do anything about the weather anyway.

  3. Not so much, but I am very glad that you are! Everything always looks so pristine after a snowfall. Love the artsy shot of the boot line-up!

  4. Good perspective on winter. I can enjoy a good bit of it...but when the wind drives the cold inside the Farmhouse, I have to confess that I look ahead to a spring thaw. (Or at least some "normal" cold.) :)

  5. Beautiful images for a lovely season with joys all its own. I especially love the frosty window and the patterned boots! I remember well the snowy northern Illinois days of building tunnels in the front yard, snowball fights with the neighborhood kids, Campbell's tomato soup, hot cocoa, red noses, hugs from mom.. all good stuff.

  6. Well we had our little ice storm canceling school for two days. But the real cold hits tonight. I think it will be the coldest I remember here in the south. You express your contentment well with word and picture. That's the way to be; joy in the moment. Stay warm!

  7. Beautiful ! I enjoy all the seasons also, even though I live in N. Florida and we have to drive north to see snow!

  8. So beautiful...the weather AND your post. Living in Texas my entire life has kept me from enjoying such wonderful winters but I think I would embrace it as you do. Thanks for sharing.


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