Friday, February 20, 2015

Grocery Shopping In Severe Weather

Mid-morning I'll be heading out to do my bi-weekly grocery run.  I  run errands on this day too, preferring to not make many trips out during the week, unless necessary.  I like to save my trips out for fun, but I digress.  

Today we are having extremely cold temps made worse by the wind chill.

It's supposed to be a wind chill of -25 today.  Right now it is 1 degree.

We need food so I am heading out and braving the elements.  

I am going to be bundled and I thought I'd talk about what I am going to wear.

I am going to wear my down jacket from Land's End.  It's a bit old and I use it when I go out to feed horses because the hay doesn't stick to it.  But it's my warmest jacket and it fits well again now that I have lost almost 40 pounds.  I look like the Michelin Man in it since it's puffy, but it's warm, so I'm wearing it.  I am going to have a sweater on as well, and leggings under my pants, warm socks with my fur lined boots, and gloves and a hat of course.  Maybe a scarf, as well.  The hat will be a cute one because once it's on, it stays on, even if my head gets hot.  My hair is very fine, and gets really static-y, clinging to my head in the most unattractive ways, when I take my hat off.

Today I'll be going to Costco, Target, Miller's Natural Foods, Leroy Miller's for milk, Christmas Tree Shoppes (great place for tea, shampoo and Quest Bars).  I may run into Aldi's as well.

One thing is certain.  I don't have to worry about any frozen items defrosting today!

I'll leave you with this sweet photo.

Nate drops Kamryn off in the mornings and she often is still sleepy, and goes back to sleep for a while on the couch.  She's a precious girlie, I'm happy she's here with us during the days.

Stay warm everyone and have an excellent day!


  1. is COLD out there, but it sounds like you are dressed for the elements. I, too, like to lump all my errands into one day.This week, however, I have not been anywhere (haven't left my property since Sunday morning!!), so I will probably be out there in the balmy 30-degree temps on Saturday. ;)

    I feel like Kamryn some mornings.

  2. Our girls at home are both runners and say they're not even going to venture out today since it is so cold. School buses are cancelled across Ontario.
    I detest shopping on cold days but it has to done. I have a coat from Land's End that's a puffy design too but it struggles to keep me warm when the weather is extreme.
    Keep warm as you run in and out of stores Deanna! Doesn't it make you want to curl up with your sweetheart on the couch?

  3. We've been experiencing similar temperatures. The problem with the heavy coats when you have a lot of places to go in and out of is this... you eventually start sweating in them when in the stores! Sheesh.

    I had to run errands earlier in the week and by the time I left the library (albeit spending too much time there looking at their used book store), I was overheated. Then on the way to the van, the cold and win hit like jumping in a cold lake after a sauna.

    I can't complain, the snow this past week has gone either just to our north or just to our south. That rarely happens!

  4. That's a lot of stops on a cold day. Hope you can stop for a cup of hot tea when you get home.

  5. Oh brrrr. You have to bundle up when going out in that kind of weather. I hope you are safely home by now, warm and toasty.

  6. Times like this is when you know the importance of a list! Don't forget anything :)
    Enjoy the beauty outside..but stay warm!


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