Big Change

If you look carefully, you can see the snow falling as the sun rose this morning.  It is still lightly falling and there is a fresh dusting of snow on everything.

Today, is a big day in our family.  It's Tim's last day of work at the company he has worked at for 20 years.  He is a diligent and hard worker, he is thorough in his work and he is very skillful.  His supervisor was incredulous.  They did not expect this at all.  They are going to miss him and his abilities very much.

The Lord provided this work for him just a few months after we left the missions agency we had been with.  It has been what the Lord used to provide for our family of 8.  We are grateful.

However it was time to make a move and on Monday morning he will begin his work at a new employer.  There are perks to this.  He won't have to work every other weekend now, and rarely on Sundays.  He will be on a fixed schedule rather than rotating schedules every 5 weeks.  The benefits package is great.

He ultimately is working toward being self employed.  We are excited by the possibilities.  

Thank you for allowing me to brag about him.  He is an excellent man, and I am so proud of him.


  1. That will be so much better for your family!

  2. We are thankful for him as well. He takes good care of us. We always give each other a bad time but we love him dearly.. ( don't tell him I said that) hehe

  3. This seems like the kind of things parties were made for. We should celebrate somehow.

  4. A wife who speaks well of her husband is right next to the Highest Source. I always take her at her word. Many blessings to your family in this new direction.

  5. Rejoicing with you! It's been on my heart recently, how wonderful it is for us as wives to rejoice in {and brag on} our husbands. :) My heart's desire would be for every marriage to have this~to simply rejoice in the spouses they have! Ok~kind of hijacking your post and getting off on a rabbit trail!

    Your speaking well and lovingly of your husband just brought it to mind again!

    Have a good weekend and may the new job venture bless you all abundantly!

  6. Congratulations. It sounds like a beneficial change and you will enjoy the perks too!

  7. Things are looking up and I send good wishes to your hubby at his new job.

  8. That is awesome! It is nice to make a change that has some extras:) Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  9. You go right ahead and brag!! A man who loves the Lord, leads his family, and works hard to provide is a wonderful gift! Congratulations to Tim on his twenty years of service...and on this new chapter he is beginning.


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