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Last Saturday, I decided it was time to rearrange the basement, now that Kay and Kamryn had moved out.  This space I am showing you is directly under the living room and is where Kay and Kamryn had their space.

The girls and I had discussed make this space into a library type space for now, Tim wants to eventually make this a place we watch movies together.

This is what we came up with using what we already had down here in the basement.

I am going to paint that mirror and it will get hung up somewhere. The dry sink holds all the games that used to be on top of the bookcases.  The book cases used to be on the same wall in a different area.
  We showed our friend Denny a few photos and he said, "It looks like a Literary Cafe!"  I loved that!

We vacuumed and mopped and dusted and rearranged books.

Tim changed out the old lighting for some halogen track lighting that we still had from the store.  It has brightened it up down there and we are able to direct the lighting to where we want it.

This other space got spiffed up too.  If you head toward the open door you see, to the right is where the wood stove is.  It also has a wicker chair, play kitchen and some dress up clothes.  It's cozy.  The white dresser and black bookcases need attention.  Some of it is where I keep my fabric stash.  Let's just say it could be better organized.  Soon, it will be.

We love the red color on the walls, but I think it's too dark and would like something lighter and brighter!  Eventually the walls will have their baseboard trim too.

We are talking plans now for the shop space which is through the open door.  It is the same square footage as the master bedroom suite and will be made into a second 'master' bedroom for the girls.  With built in beds.  Something like this.

But a double set so it would sleep 4 people without taking up tons of floor space.

I think we are getting close to having a building plan for moving my parents in here with way less expense than the original plan.

Something is always happening here at Creekside Cottage!  I'm never bored!

What do you think?  Do you like my Literary Cafe?  What about the built in bunks idea?  Have you ever moved your parents into your home?


  1. Oh, yes ~ a literary cafe is perfect! The bunks are so pretty ~ a double set would be really nice.


  2. Yes, my grandmother lived with us for a year and my mother lived with us for a month, though they did not have a space to call their own, which would be far preferable. I think The Literary Café looks fantastic, cozy red walls and all.

  3. I like the idea of a Literary Cafe, you could start a new trend! The built in bed idea looks pretty cool although 4 people together might not have desired privacy.
    When our youngest daughter moved out, I was happy to make her bedroom my office but I did leave the wolf wallpaper border up as I like it too.

  4. What a nice, big room! I love basements, but of course there aren't many here in Cali. I only remember ever going into one, and it was in an old house in downtown LA, many years ago. But my relatives in Missouri had them, and they were so fun when I was a child. Having your own literary cafe is going to be so nice! I've been going back over some of your recent posts. It's nice to catch up. I'm glad that your hubby is better, and congratulations on losing 40 lbs!

  5. I do like your literary cafe! Maybe an espresso machine would be a good addition. Emma would approve. :)

    I LOVE built-in bunks! Our friends once had six children at home (they're empty nesters now) and Bob (the dad) designed and built homes for a living. They are wonderful, family-friendly homes...simple, but using space efficiently. Bob put built-in bunks (some with desks underneath) in each of the "kid" bedrooms. It made the rooms so spacious...and what kid doesn't wish to sleep in a built-in bunk?!

  6. Love the bunk bed idea and the stairs rather than ladder. Your space reminds me of a coffee shop I go to that is filled with book shelves.

  7. I want to come over and have coffee with you in the cafe!

  8. I love it Deanna! I agree with Cheryl, it needs a coffee/tea bar. :-)

  9. I REALLY like your Literary Cafe! It is a most inviting spot! I am SURE it will get a lot of action.
    And what a great bedroom idea. Even its location - close to the Literary Cafe - is great, I think.

    Just about a year ago, after visiting my mother in the nursing home, I left with a determination to bring her to live with us. Before I made it to the car, I had slipped on a patch of black ice and broke my hip. Apparently, it was not to be. I'd give just about ANYthing to have been able to do it. I wish you all the best with your plan.


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