A Sure Sign Of Spring

in Pennsylvania anyway, is the arrival of the Robins.  That more than anything tells you that Spring is here, even if the calendar says it is a few weeks away.

Earlier this week, I was looking out the sliding door in the kitchen, checking on the chickens, and I spotted two Robins in the yard!  We've had warmer temps, we've had that unmistakable spring sunshine, but we hadn't had Robins yet.

I worked on adding more spring to the inside of the house this week in honor of the Robins.

I needed a new centerpiece for spring, so I brought out a white metal lantern, a birds nest, some ivy, and two sweet birds.

 Very simple, but I like it.

Then I remembered these cute birds that my dear friend Amy gave me when she moved back home to Texas.
 With all the blue and white on my mantel, I placed these across the room on the piano.  They are cute and bring a bit of color balance to the room

I changed out the message on my chalkboard platter last week.

I'm glad I have these words to hold on to, because overnight we had a spring snow!

Typical spring!  This is only an inch maybe and the roads are clear.  As I look out my window there are teeny tiny snowflakes falling.

  At least I have this....
because spring IS here.  

I've seen the Robins.


  1. Love the lantern light and birds. Hope your weekend is sunny!:) Christina

  2. O so lovely Spring is just around the corner. San Francisco had some warm days too. Then all of a sudden we got rain so for the last two days rainning but I don't mind because I know shorty it will be go e. I love your birds they are very sweet. Happy weekend with love Janice

  3. Love your spring decor with the snow!

  4. I love those birds. What beautiful spring you are adding. Yes...there is HOPE. As a "used to be" Midwesterner I can total understand the hope we need.

  5. Wow, the robins are up there already? Cool. They never left us here in Nashville this winter. During our short cold snaps and snow they just bunkered down. I love robins, though. They chirp is real pleasing to my ears. My brother seems to hate them because they wake him up in the morning. :)

  6. I really like your center piece with the lantern and birds.
    It's been warmer than usual here too and feels like spring is on the way.

  7. I am still holding out hope for a little snow such as you had.
    Have a nice weekend!


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