Tea Cup With Shamrocks

In honor of Saint Patrick's Day

A Royal Patrician tea cup and a Good Neighbors Candle Company Irish Moss candle.

I'll be drinking my Irish Breakfast tea in this sweet cup on Thursday!  Do any of you tea lovers have a Shamrock tea cup?

Joining Bernideen and Sandi for their delightful parties, and Stone Gable for The Scoop.


  1. I do not! I should get one! Yours are pretty!
    I will be making an Irish Cream Cake that day!

  2. Dear Deanna:
    Lovely Royal Patrician cup and saucer. Shamrocks are so fun. I'm not even Irish and I love decorating for St. Patrick's Day! It takes us that much closer to springtime. Thanks for linking and sharing.

  3. I do not...but now I want one! Ha! It's very pretty, festive, and elegant. I'll be thinking of you sipping your Irish tea on Thursday. :-)

  4. I am lucky enough to have one from Royal Albert. I do love shamrocks!

  5. What a pretty cup and saucer! Happy St. Paddy's day to you :)

  6. I love it, thank you for your lovely photos and Happy St.Patrick's Day !
    Sending dear hugs to you


  7. Your shamrock teacup is very pretty. Unfortunately I don't have a shamrock teacup but I do have some green ones and my son gifted me with a teacup adorned with a Claddagh. So they will all be brought out for the occasion. Thank you for sharing with us and Happy St Patrick's Day!


  8. What a lovely teacup! I'd love to have a shamrock teacup in my collection but they're a rare breed in my neck of the woods. Happy St. Paddy's Day, Deanna!

  9. Your Royal Patrician shamrock teacup is lovely, and I like how you change your blog wallpaper and banner to coordinate with holidays and seasons. Oh to be computer savvy!

  10. Very pretty teacup. We don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day - other than wearing a bit o' green.

  11. So pretty and perfect for Thursday!


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