Monday, Monday

We had a nice weekend.  I had planned to put a second coat of paint on Kyle's bookcase and to wax it too, on Saturday,  but I ended up running some errands and doing other things.  

Yesterday, the ladies went out to lunch together from church.  It was really a nice time.  Tim had stayed home with Kyle who has a cold, and they had a nice time together, too.  They watched a video by Ravi Zacharius, and a few other things, got Chinese food, washed the cars.

In the evening Tim made popcorn and read aloud.  We are getting near the end of a Lamplighter book called, "The Hidden Hand."  You can find out about it here. We are getting close to the end of the book, and can't wait to find out how it ends!

Our chickens are laying very well these days, and when Kyle brought these eggs in on Saturday, I couldn't resist making an ombre color way.


 The fourth one from the left is a bit pink in tone.  They are all
pretty and tasty!                                                                      

Emma is finally getting photos from the wedding so when she passes some on to me, I'll share with you all.  It was such a lovely wedding.  It is always a joy to see your kids happily married.    

Did you enjoy the last episode of Downton Abbey?  We watched it on Christmas Day.  We thought it was a very satisfying ending to the series. I haven't mentioned it much here on the blog because I didn't want to give any spoilers away.    We are going to miss all these characters.  I am happy for all the Crawley's of course, and for Anna and Bates, Carson and Mrs. Hughes, but also for Mr. Molesly, for Baxter, Mrs. Patmore and the potential there with Mr. Mason.   Glad for Daisy and Andy, and to see the potential relationships for them as a family with Mr. Mason who has been like a father to her and to Mrs. Patmore who really has raised Daisy in the kitchen at Downton.  She has mothered Daisy. And Thomas.  WowHe grew from being petty, nasty and bad in the early seasons, to softening and allowing himself to care about others.  I think Miss Baxter, having known him growing up, helped with thatShe and Anna helped him, I think.                                     

Ah, I'm going to miss this show!                                                                                       
Any thoughts about Downton you want to share?  What are you up to today?    

Sorry for the weird alignment on the post.  After I uploaded the egg photo the writing wouldn't align to the left side.  Sigh....


  1. Haven't seen any of the last season...we like to wait and watch them all at once. I hope Thomas Does end up being happier. I like him.

  2. The eggs are subtle colors and very pretty. Yes, Downton Abbey had a good ending and wrapped up some threads in an excellent manner. I look forward to Dr. Thorne next, Julian Fellowes' latest production. The first one aired in Great Britain a few days ago. It is based on a favorite book of mine, Dr. Thorne.

  3. lamplighter books bring such sweet memories to our hearts. :) but alas i'll be selling about 30 lamplighter books. interested?

  4. Nothing drives me more bonkers than formatting issues on blogger. Oh well, you'd think that I'd be over it now.

    I am watching snowflakes fall, but we are cozy and warm. I have
    crockpot chicken going and things are starting to smell good. I haven't felt much like cooking lately so John is very happy to know that there'll be real food instead of soup.

    Is that book as old as it looks? John thinks that the old ones are the best ones.

    Can't wait to see the wedding photos...

    Overall, I was very pleased with Downton Abbey and I have read that Julian Fellowes is not done with the story yet and hopes to put together a few specials and/or movies.

    Stay well everybody!

  5. Yes it was a good ending! I would love to have fresh eggs every day!

  6. Yummy and pretty eggs, naturally colored for Easter:). Can't wait to see pictures. Enjoy your evening dear friend. Hugs


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