I Was Struggling This Week

to find something to say.

I've been blogging since 2007 and I rarely do not post.  That is a lot of talking and sharing.  When I read back over old posts and comments, I see that blog following has lots of flow.  What I mean is that people who used to be regular visitors here have moved on, and there are many who are new readers here.  

 New growth on my Mini Rose Bush.  
I'm not an overly analytical type ( I leave that to Tim and a few of my kids!) but at times I wonder why someone stops reading a blog or at least commenting.

Then I realize that I have done that too, over the years.  There's only so much time in a day and if you are working, or still raising kids, something has to go.  

 New growth here too!

Recently I've joined with a few new link ups online (I miss Vee's Note Card Party!) and have found some new friends, and am enjoying 'new to me' blogs.  It was through Vee's monthly party that I met Dotsie, Judith, and Lorrie. 

Sometimes, we follow a blog because of where we are at in life, and the bloggers' writing resonates with us, sometimes it is due to a shared love of something such as gardening.  As our lives change, or our interests change, or our circumstances it is only normal that the blogs we seek out may change or expand. When I started blogging in 2007 I had 6 kids still at home.  Now three are married and I am a grandma. My life has changed!

We have 7 years left before all of our children will be adults.  My time is freer than its ever been, my interests have changed and are growing.  I'm thinking ahead to what will occupy my time when I am no longer raising kids.

 I am excited by the possibilities.  However blogging for so many years, I wonder what's left to say - haven't I said it all?  That's what was on my mind this week.  Then I realized that my thoughts have grown as I have continued to grow both as a person and spiritually.  I have a lot of new readers here, and I am so happy to welcome them!

I want my blog to still be about the things that drive me and this blog - Hospitality, Friendship, Encouragement. 

I'm thankful for this week of pondering, actually its been a bit of pondering longer than a week, so perhaps I should say this week of struggling with what to write about.

I feel like I have a fresh focus, and I am grateful. 

 Continued growth here as well!


  1. i've long loved spending time with you on your bloggie cottage.. you're such a welcoming gal and i appreciate you. in a world where destruction is rampant, well chosen blogs are a necessary thing for me in order maintain some form of sanity. that probably sounds silly to some .. maybe. anyway, sending a virtual hug and thank you. ♥

  2. I think your blog encompasses all the things you strive for--hospitality, friendship, and encouragement. Your blog has a very warm, cozy feel to it, and I love to read your posts on my phone during my lunch break. (I just need to figure out how to comment on my phone...ha!)

    Just keep being you, and we'll all keep reading! :-)

  3. Yes, I think we are constantly growing and changing! I do enjoy reading your blog post!

  4. I love your peaceful blog. This post was very encouraging. We do things for a while, then other things. I suppose that's the way it is meant to be. But every stage has its own treasures.

    By the way, what is that painting in the black frame? Beautiful! Reminds me of my childhood summertimes.

  5. Nothing ever stays the same! I often think of the scripture that says 'and it came to pass.' Few things come to stay as far as situations and circumstances go. As you said, we continue to change and grow and develop - in character, appearance, even in personality! Remember that quote - Thank God I'm not who I used to be, nor am I who I WILL be, by the grace of God!
    People blog for a multitude of reasons by bottom line, we are sharing our lives and thoughts, inspirations and struggles, joys and sorrows with others.
    i love your blog and the real sense of friendship I feel with and for you! There are seasons in life and we can all learn from one another as we embrace each one!

  6. Blogging, like anything else, is fluid and changing and up and down, sometimes quiet, sometimes chatty, sometimes deeply thoughtful. (As you know, I have been much quieter during the past six months because of life circumstances.) I have decided that it's all okay.

    I love your blog and value the friendship that we share because of it!! I am glad that you're going to continue to share your heart through this blog!

  7. What gorgeous photography! You are definitely developing your eye for it. Oh you made me smile, Deanna. I hear from time to time that this one or that one met through my blog. Makes my heart swell just to think of it. God knits us together, but I like to think that He can use the blog for His purposes in that way. Hope that you're not changing too much as I like visiting the gal I've come to know all along. Perhaps many of us are in this introspective mood wondering whether we'll continue or perhaps just fade away. Guess that's all in The Lord's hands as well.

  8. Myself I have too been blogging for a while.. Sometimes regularly and at times not. A lot of folks have stopped blogging i have noticed just left and went away no explanation. I bet a lot views and not much comments. But when i started i told myself i wasn't going to worry just write what I'm feeling and thats that. I love your plant photos and enjoyed them as well as your thoughts. Its always good to think a bit. And re focus in my opinion. Happy Saturday, with love Janice

  9. My hat is off to you, Deanna, for blogging since 2007. Only a blogger can fully appreciate the huge commitment and amount of time and research involved. I've only been blogging since 2012 and there are days when I feel as though I've said everything there is to say. It seems as though the number of bloggers keeps growing, and readers/followers only have a certain amount of time to set aside for being on the Internet. I've seriously been thinking about revamping my blog and reducing the amount of posts I write. Six days a week is beginning to be more than I have time for. We'll see what the future holds. Blessings to you for your diligence and commitment to blogging. ~ Phyllis

  10. I love to read your blog! We are in similar places in life - similar ages, working on losing weight, following Trim Healthy Mama, homeschooling younger kids at home, older kids moving out and getting married, a few grandchildren..........It's so nice to visit with someone like you!!

  11. Ditto to Sherry. Your photos are especially lovely today. Good words and I understand! I keep thinking I'll step away from blogging but then--another post comes along. I could still read blogs, but I enjoy the "give and take" of both reading and writing.

  12. I've been following your blog with pleasure for many years. Did you know that a couple months ago Google Friend Connect changed and dropped from your followers list all followers who do not use google to log in? I lost 15 followers that way, so that explains some of that ebb and flow of followers you mention. I am doing Wordless Wednesday which helps with posts cuz all I need is a photo for it, and soon I will join Book Beginnings on Fridays, for another simple post. I love the themes of your blog, friendship and encouragement.

  13. :) It's worth checking in here frequently for the photos alone! But it is your down-home friendliness that keeps me coming back...

  14. I find reading your blog a peaceful spot in my day. You are an encouragement to find happiness in what we have, instead of wanting what we don't have. Thank you.

  15. Please know that although I don't comment often, I read every one of your blog posts! Because I use a blog reader to keep track of new blog posts, I don't often click through to the blogs I'm reading. I really should comment on your posts more often because I appreciate your sharing the ins and outs of your days in such a homey way. I feel like each of your readers is also your friend!

  16. I am new to following your blog, I have been blogging since April 2012 and just found you. I believe as a believer in Jesus Christ, He leads us to other believers and there has to be a reason for my finding yours. I feel my Spiritual gift is encouragement. That said I too need encouraging from time to time. We all grow and change,with it we find new friends and new interest.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  17. I've been reading for about a year but never commented. I visit your blog daily because of the peace & joy that pervades your family & domestic life. I am mostly home with my 3-year-old and have often struggled in a culture that devalues this choice we've made. (Full disclosure: I struggle with it too for many other reasons & don't love this stage of life, but consider it a sacrifice that God is calling me to.) it encourages me to see how other people work at making a home, consider it a valuable endeavor, etc. I also live in a small townhouse in a big & kinda ugly city far from family & long to live more in the beautiful countryside, so I love seeing your pictures. Your blog helps me find joy & have gratitude for the "little" things that now make up my days at this stage of life. Thank you so much. I found it through Brenda's blog (CoffeeTeaBooksAndMe). Your blog is a welcome outpost of beauty in a very dark Internet!

  18. Hello Deanna~~I just happened on your beautiful place here and so thankful that I did. I look forward to following along with you. After reading some of these comments I would say I'm going to enjoy what you have to share with us.
    I've just returned to my blog after some much needed time of rest for many reasons and look forward to picking up on some visiting. I have some issues with electronics so my time on the computer or my phone needs to be limited, but visiting can be accomplished in a simple manor.
    Your photos are lovely by the way.

    Enjoy the rest of your day and be blessed.
    Joy! Debbie

  19. Enjoyed your post. I've been thinking about stopping blogging, but when I gave myself the freedom to stop I realized how much I enjoyed it and the wonderful friends I've made. I'm especially grateful for the wider world blogging has brought me. People whose lives are very different than mine, but I have found we share many things. I am very appreciative of the friendship and hospitality I find when I visit here.

  20. New growth, a sign of something new:) I have been blogging for a long time too! Although I have lots of the same followers, I also have made new friends. The main reason I blog is to keep a journal with pictures. I am VERY thankful that I have kept it up and continue to do so. Enjoy your day dear friend, sending HUGS your way!

  21. Love reading your blog and hope you keep posting!
    I also started in 2007 and have found that a lot of my old friends have gone to Facebook and have left their blogs sitting, collecting dust...sad.
    I want my kids and grandkids to be able to have a record of their grandmom and dad...Future generations will get an actual glimpse into their ancestors lives. Our lives, travels...thoughts.
    I think everyone should have a blog....
    Thanks for being here friend!

  22. Well, although I have seen your blog for a good while out here in blogland, I hadn't followed until just recently. From what I have seen, I have thoroughly enjoyed and I certainly appreciate your comments back to me. I haven't been blogging nearly as long as you have and there are times when I also wonder what to post...I can only imagine how you or anyone else has done it for so many years! I think the cool thing is about blogging is we can all do our own thing! And it should never be burdensome or stressful. We all are involved with our families and have busy lives and sometimes it's just OK to be quiet if we need to be. I have many of the same followers since I started in 2013 but do get a new one here and there...and I love making new friends. Funny you should mention Vee...joining her wonderful Note Card party was how I met her...I do miss it too! Anyway, I am glad that you will continuing, Deanna!

  23. I'm also a fairly new reader who found you through "coffeeteabooksandme". I look at other peoples' "feed log" and then decide if I want to "get to know" that person! I found out that you live in my region, so that was a great start! Thanks for sharing.


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