Spring Has Sprung!

Woo Hoo!  After two really long, cold, snowy and icy winters, we are having an early spring.  It's been so beautiful!  I've been outside every day!

I've begun working in my gardens, cutting back fall blooming plants, and I've been raking out the million and a half leaves from our neighbors yard, that blow into our yard with the westerly flow of the jet stream!
 The lilac was cut back a few years ago, and last year it had a few blooms, and with our early winter mild weather I got a few fall blooms on it this last year.  I am hoping that it will bloom well this year.  It is right outside my kitchen door.
 This little patch of crocus was here when we bought the house 14 years ago.  It still faithfully blooms every year.
 Some tulips coming up.  (I warned you I had raking to do)  Then we will mulch.
 Our maple trees are starting to to get their leaf buds!  So pretty against the blue sky!
 Up by the road this little patch of daffodils faithfully bloom every year, as well.  Soon, we'll have iris coming up and blooming, too.

I don't have a photo to show you, but the hydrangea from the front garden is leafing out and I am so happy!  I'm going to get a good amount of flowers this year, again!  
Peonies in the front garden!
No sign of the peonies yet but they'll start showing up soon, and I had planted a few other hydrangea in the autumn!  My son in law's brother is into horticulture and he has some wonderful native hydrangea that he is going to share with me!  I'm thrilled!

 Roses in the front garden!

I'd like to get some David Austin roses this year, but we'll see if I do.  I like the old fashioned non fussy types that smell great!
I also have some veggie and herb garden plans that I'll share soon.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Oh I love it when the first tiny shoots start coming up from the ground.
    Yours are so pretty. We have 81 degrees here today and I just come inside from planting my begonias. Spring is in the air and in our hearts too.

  2. Looking good. I think we found a solution for the deer in our yard so are hoping for some hydrangeas and other blooms this spring and summer.

  3. Yes it has!!!! Beautiful! I love Lilac's!

  4. How refreshing...and so exciting! You already have such lovely blooms showing! Love it all! Happy Spring Deanna!

  5. Mrs. Rabe, I'm also excited about Spring. I love seeing things grow. I love life. A gift from God. I wonder how God instilled in us the ability to find pleasure in such things as buds on a plant.


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