Kamryn Takes A Lesson From Lindsay

When your grandparents have a barn with two horses at their house, and your Auntie, who gives riding lessons, is babysitting you, guess what happens!

Yep, a riding lesson!
 She told me she was using an English Saddle, and I was tickled at how she was holding the reigns as Lindsay had instructed her.  She is going to be 6 this summer, but she is a tiny thing.
 She is an animal lover like her Auntie and was having such a great time.
 Papa (my dad) was there, too.  Cheyenne is his horse, though he doesn't ride anymore.  He's had a lot of fun learning to ride over the years and sharing that with Lindsay.

Lindsay took Kamryn on a "trail ride" all over the property.

Its a joy for us to let the kids have these experiences and now our grandkids too.  Our horses are getting old now, Sandi, Lindsay's horse will be 26 this year, we've had her for 9 years, and Cheyenne will be 25, and my dad has owned her for about 6 years.  Sandi and Cheyenne have been good pasture buddies for years, and get along well, as Sandi is the dominant one and Cheyenne is laid back and happy to let her be in charge!


  1. A heart warming post! She just may grow up loving horses like her auntie!

  2. the spring look to your blog is nice! since I haven't been on your blog that long, I wasn't sure if you change them up fro year to year of if this is a new look from past years. I like how you change it from season to season.

  3. Oh she looks so happy up on the horse. Obviously, she is an excellent student. What fun for auntie and niece and I'm sure that it warms your dad's heart, too.


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