A Day Out With My Mom (And Progress on My Bathroom)

Yesterday, Mom and I went out to for her Mother's Day gift - lunch out and some shopping.  I took her to a restaurant she had never been to, on the Susquehanna river, John Wright Restaurant.  The day was warm and pleasant, and we sat on the patio at a table with an umbrella and a view!

 We had a delicious lunch and good conversation, and as we were preparing to head out to shop, it started to rain.  

The first place we went was Tollbooth Antiques in Columbia.  With the rain, the humidity was high, and while it wasn't a hot day, that humidity was something, and Tollbooth has no air conditioning! It is located in an old warehouse!

I found this treasure  - 

It is a heavy, high quality mirror, and is likely going in the hall bathroom.  It is on the mantel for now but I may move if from there as it's not hung and I'm worried it will slide and fall.  This mirror is going to have to be hung properly, due to the weight of it, and not in my usual whack a nail up and hang stuff.  This will require Tim's great skills, and so I have to wait and be patient!

Don't you think it will look amazing though, with my white painted vanity, blue and white shower curtain and these - 

I think my Mom thinks hanging plates in my bathroom is 'weird', though she didn't say so, exactly.  She said, "I wouldn't have thought to hang plates in the bathroom."  Then I said, "I know!  Don't they look great though?" She didn't comment!  ha ha!  It's all good though, I have confidence in my design choices!  I love them in there!  Cheryl mentioned either here in a comment or on Instagram, that the shower curtain reminded her of Williamsburg!  I think so too, and I love it there, and that is why I thought this mirror would look great in there, too, even though it's not perhaps exactly Federal Style.

I'm enjoying the process of decorating this hall bathroom and not rushing to 'put stuff on the walls,' as is my usual pattern.

So what are you up to this week?

Joining Laura, Jemma, Stacey, and Laura for Thoughts of Home on Thursday!


  1. I had to laugh at your "whack a nail up and hang stuff" comment, because that is my method too!! It gets the job done and you don't have to wait for a pro! But you're probably wise to wait for a pro (husband) in this case. Great find, that mirror!

    Oh, yes I do love your shower curtain and I love the Blue Willow plates with it. It's great that you're confident in your design choices!

    You're getting a lot accomplished around the house this summer!

  2. Love the plates. I have a deer antlers in my bathroom. Now that's really weird! Loved the visit again. I love getting you posts emailed so I can come over. I hope you can come by. I'm sharing some July 4th ideas from Pinterest this week. Come see me!

  3. Love your shower curtain - can I ask where you got it? Mirror is great.

  4. The mirror is fabulous and I love how you hung the Blue Willow plates in your bathroom! I have a teapot and teacup as bathroom decor so you're in good company. Heh.

  5. I think maybe we are confident in our design choices because we are the ones that will live with them and we know what we like! LOVE that mirror. What a find!

  6. The mirror will look fabulous in your bathroom. Please remember to show a picture!

  7. Now that IS a beautiful mirror! (And I love - and can relate - to several lines - and in-between-the-lines - in this sweet post.)

  8. I have been a silent reader for many years. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I am also a fellow Lancastrian:) our daughter got married at John Wright in the fall it is such a nice restaurant. Just want to encourage you to keep on blogging. I love to read blogs of local people. If you know of any other Lancaster people blogging send the blog name my way. Thanks, Kathy

  9. A day with your mom - how nice. My mom is pretty much homebound so this sounds really special to me.

    I love the mirror you found! It's gorgeous. Yes, I love what you've done in the bathroom too. You are smart to take your time with accessories. Sometimes I decide too quickly and make extra holes in the wall. :)


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