Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Welcome Summer!

I know that yesterday was the first day of summer, but for us we've been on summer break since the first week of May!  We are half way through already!

That said, we have really fun plans for this summer.  The girls arrived safely in South Carolina for their youth conference, around dinner time yesterday.  They are already having a great time!  Kyle and Kamryn went to see Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy yesterday at the Strasburg Railroad.  Kyle says he has outgrown that, (sad) but my parents took him along as a companion to Kamryn.  He did like eating out and getting ice cream and swimming afterwards, and spending the night!  So it was a fun time for him!

Later this week, my Mom and I are going to take him and Kamryn to see Finding Dory.  They'll enjoy that.

In two weeks, our niece and two sons will be coming for a visit!  We are so excited!  We are making plans for lots of swimming, exploring a creek, Hershey Chocolate World and Zoo America, Valley Forge.  Its going to be so much fun!

Here is a photo from last summer!

Then we'll have a few weeks of regular life before we start school again.  


  1. Great post. Enjoy your plans. I went over and liked your FB. I enjoy reading your posts. I'd love you to come over and visit me at
    I will have a new giveaway starting in a few days.

  2. Why is it winter seems to last forever [at least in Michigan], and summer is over so quickly? Happy summer to you and your family!

  3. Nice water color of your books! You sound like you've planned it all well.

  4. You, obviously, live in Pennsylvania. That is where I grew up...and where my family lived for multiple generations.

    Finding Dory looks like such a fun movie. Enjoy!



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