Happy Weekend

I had a busy, but happy Friday.  I got groceries, acted as a personal shopper for our friend, Denny, who is a truck driver, got to visit with my friend at her store when I popped in for wax and a few birthday cards.  

The day started out so pretty, and stayed that way.

Today, I am going to work on baby quilts, and I am going to 'summerize' my kitchen like Stacey did @ Poofing the Pillows.  My kitchen is going to thank me!

It will help me prepare for my third planned project of the summer which is to paint the kitchen cabinets.  It will happen this month, but not this weekend.

Tim will be helping a family from church get the siding up on their addition.  This family is hosting a picnic for the church on Sunday.  We'll be going there for lunch and then going to Nate and Kayleigh's for Kamryn's birthday party.  That should be fun, the kids are going to slip and slide!  We'll see how many big 'kids' do this as well.  Kamryn's birthday is Wednesday and she'll be 6!  So hard to believe!

I hope you have a nice weekend ahead!


  1. What a beautiful back yard. I love all those gorgeous trees!

    Have fun at the birthday party. I wouldn't be slip and sliding, but getting hit with a water balloon or two would be welcome on these hot afternoons.


  2. Unbelievable that Kamryn is 6 already! I still think of Kyle as that age...

    I didn't pop over to comment the other day but wanted to say that Sarah looks so cute with bangs. I love the pic you posted-somehow, I can see her personality in her expression, which is priceless. Maybe I don't actually see it, but just seeing her reminds me of how much I enjoy her?

    Any idea yet when you plan to be in my neck of the woods?

    Enjoy your weekend-it's 90+ here today but cooling into the 70's starting tomorrow for several days. Great time for a visit... ;-)

  3. How busy, but how glad and joyous you always are, dearest Deanna, blessed be !

    May your weekend too be filled with much love, and be as Beautiful as you, sweet friend !

    XX Dany

  4. Hi Deanna! Your photo is so pretty! I definitely want to see after you finish summerizing. :)

    The description of your day sounds just perfect. I love simple days like that.


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