Monday, October 2, 2017

How We Welcomed October

How did you welcome October?


  1. By going out and buying pink baby clothes... My daughter back in the UK just surprised us by announcing she is having a baby girl!! So excited to be there in March to welcome her into the world
    Wonderful wedding photos by the way
    Phoebe x

  2. Weddings are a wonderful way to welcome a month. Lovely! 👰🏻

    1. I agree! The church was old and lovely, the bride and groom joyful!

  3. What a beautiful old church to have a wedding in. Great photos!

  4. breathtakingly beautiful setting and couple (& your family). ♥

    we welcomed october by celebrating my father's 88th birthday. :)

  5. We welcomed October by a visit to Longwood Gardens. The weather has been so nice lately, we even had a picnic lunch outside at their picnic grounds near the local cemetery (separated by the woods).


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