Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Building Community

Next month will mark my 11th year of blogging.  Isn't that crazy?   Kyle was 2 years old when I started.

Over these years I have had lovely conversations with women about home, family, schooling, tea, chickens...well, you get the idea.

I feel like overtime my blog friends and I have built community with each other.  We care about one another and share our lives.  Some of us have met up in real life.

Some, I've only emailed with and have become good friends this way.

I think its wonderful that we can make connections with people all over the world, and share life with each other.  This is the biggest reason I keep blogging.  Being real, sharing encouragement, being a friend are all important to me.  As is sharing the hope that I have.

Today, I'm meeting up with a friend for brunch. We used to see each other every week and spend the day together, but now that we don't go to the same church, we don't see each other often. My schedule is free and I'm looking forward to catching up with her.  I'm also helping coordinate her daughters' wedding in May, so I'm sure we'll have some wedding talk, too.

Building community takes time and effort.  It means communication, and caring for another.  It takes being intentional.  

I'm grateful for the sweet friends I've made through blogging, and the ones that I know here in my hometown community.  We need each other.  You're all a blessing in my life.


  1. Oh, you met Vee!!!! I so wish I could meet some of my friends, including YOU! Remember the time you recorded your drive home? That's when you became 'real' to me! I started blogging as my online journal and I continue that. All the friends I have made have been the extra blessings I never expected.

  2. Yes, our blogging friendships are sweet and nourishing. You are blessed to have met quite a few bloggers in person. Three ladies I met through blogs are now dear pen pals through the mail and we send cards and letters.

  3. Very encouraging post, Deanna! Thanks for sharing it. You're right, it does take time and effort to be intentional and build community. But so worth it!

  4. I look forward to that day in Eternity when we will be face to face with all of those we have only known at a distance. :)

  5. I feel the same way, Deanna. I have only lived in my community for 2 years and only know about 3 families here, but not too well. I am so thankful for you and all the ladies I've met blogging the last 6 years (will be in April). I haven't met anyone in person, but still feel like I've always known them.

  6. I'm really thankful to count myself as part of your community, Deanna. I def. feel the same way about blogging. 11 years?!?! Seems impossible, doesn't it, but I think I've been blogging close to that long myself... ♥

  7. I think that is the one thing that surprised me the most about blogging: the development of community! And our blog friends are real friends, even if we have not had the privilege to meet in person. We care about one another . . . we worry when someone goes missing . . . we pray when a friend going through hard times.

    There is one down side to that: It is hard to keep up sometimes! My life is busy and I don't always have time to visit and/or comment as much as I would like. Then I feel like a bad blog friend. Ugh. I wonder if other bloggers feel the same frustration?

    That said, my blogging friends are such a blessing in my life! I am SO glad to have met you through blogging!

  8. I agree with you, this blogging community is very special! It is amazing to connect either in real life, or virtually with ladies that share so much in common. 11 years is a long time, but it has been a wonderful journey I agree! Many blessings to you today :)

  9. Oh you shouldn’t have...really. LOL!

    I may have once understood the dynamic of blogging
    relationships and friendships. It may have involved
    likemindedness and common interests. It is rare to find
    that “brew” with real life friends. Think of the numbers bloggers
    have available to them! They could never achieve that with real
    life. Then, if they are, in addition, Believers, they have the added
    work of the Holy Spirit in those relationships.

    You have a lovely group of blogging buddies...Like a bouquet! 💐

  10. You said it well. It does take effort but is so worth it!


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