Friday, February 2, 2018

Some Warm Beauty, On A Cold Winter Day

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                                                       Photo Credit - Lindsay Musser

Lindsay and Joseph have traveled to Hawaii with my dad.  My dad went to visit his brother and sister, who both live in Maui. (senior housing there is apparently the way to go)  They have a housesitter caring for Lindsay's fish and plants, oh and looking out for the house.  

She took this photo the first full day there. They've gone to the top of a volcano in the wee morning hours to watch the sunrise, they are going to go whale watching, too.  I did that when I grew up in California, and its pretty amazing.  One trip there were dolphins swimming alongside our boat.  I did give her one important tip.  Take Dramamine!

Our weather has turned very cold again, so going out today for PT for our friend, lunch with my mom, and getting groceries, is going to require my boots and layers. Oh, and gloves.  Yes, indeed.

Have you ever travelled to Hawaii?  Its never been high on my list of places to visit - I'd rather go to England, Scotland, France or Italy.  But I could endure a winter trip to the Caribbean or Hawaii, just sayin'.


  1. Marc and I went to Hawaii several years ago! It was truly the most beautiful place my eyes have ever seen:) Love that picture, wish I was there too! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. That is beautiful! I SO want to go to Hawaii some day.

  3. No, never have been to Hawaii, though it’d be most tempting about now! Hope that everyone has a lovely time.

  4. What a fun trip for them! But like you I prefer your list to Hawaii. My husband had a layover there once and decided a bus tour would be the best way to see what he could during his limited time. He promptly fell asleep an woke at the end of the tour. Too bad I wasn't there to wake him up! Probably a much needed nap though.

  5. I've been to Hawaii several times and it is, indeed, beautiful! My Amber is a beach babe and that's where she wanted to go when she turned 18. We went - just the two of us. We had been there on a family vacation and then later two more trips for synchronized swimming where we stayed for a week after the competition to vacation - just the two of us. For her 21st birthday, I took her to London. I was tight on money and working at the time. Louis Dean and I had not been married long. That was such a memorable trip for us. We went on a shoestring and our hotel room was so small that if you opened the suitcase on the floor - you had to step in it because there was so little floor space. The bathroom was unbelievably tiny! When you sat on the toilet - you would look straight down at the shower drain!
    I suggest you go anywhere it's possible to go because the world offers such vast and varied experiences. Who knows what your favorite will be unless you go?

  6. How exciting for Lindsay, Joseph, and your dad! Lindsay's photo is gorgeous! Actually, I'm sure they're seeing plenty of "gorgeous"! It's certainly a good time of year to go to Hawaii.

  7. I have never been, but my mom used to go quite often and loved it. It was a very far journey, but she said it was so worth it. I hope they enjoy the trip...looks like they are!


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