Thursday, February 22, 2018

The New Chicks In Town

Aren't they the cutest?  

Most of them are a birthday gift from Lindsay and Joseph for his sister Jane.  Their brother Joshua is building Jane a coop and when they are big enough for the coop, they'll leave here and go live there!

We'll be keeping a few to join our flock and will probably get more in the next few months.  Most of our girls are over two and will not be a productive with their egg laying, so we need to bring in younger hens.

These 'older' girls will continue to be a sweet part of our flock.  When I go outside they follow me around because I'm the one who gives them treats!  Last week they followed me down the driveway to Tim's Tahoe, all in a row, hoping I had something for them.

Speaking of Tim's Tahoe - it blew its transmission this weekend, so its in getting a rebuilt transmission.  So he's using my van for work this week.  Yesterday, while Rachel and I were on our way home from breakfast and errands, her car slipped some belts and it turns out the pulley needs to be replaced. Our friend Denny, is able to drive himself to appointments now, so we called him, and he came and rescued us.  Tim can do the repair, but can't get to it until Saturday, as he has to pull the radiator out first.  So we have one vehicle for the whole family, plus my dad's Suburban which Tim needs for pulling his trailer with water for an inspection today and tomorrow.  However he didn't want to haul the trailer with the water totes (even though they'd be empty) to his two other inspections, and with co-op today I can't help him.  But Lindsay was free so read on for how our crazy day is supposed to go.

Rachel had to be at work at 7:30 today (unusual but worked out perfectly) so she took the van, picked up Lindsay on her way.  Rachel got dropped at work, Lindsay headed out to meet up with Tim (over an hour away) at his inspection.  When the inspection is done this morning, she'll drive the Suburban back here, we'll unhook the trailer and then we'll pick up Kamryn, and drop Lindsay off at home on our way to co-op.  After co-op, I'll take the kids to Chick-fil-A, get them a treat, and we'll wait for Rachel to be done with work and her meeting, then we'll all come home.  Tim will get home, we'll hook up the trailer with Suburban again, re-fill the water totes for tomorrow.  Then we'll figure out Friday!

The schedule for Rachel's work is different tomorrow, but once Lindsay gets back with the Suburban, we should be able to unhook the trailer, take Lindsay home, go get groceries and then get Rachel to work.  

God is good, all the time, even in the midst of craziness like this.  We realize it is first world problems, and if I really had to, I'd just miss co-op (though they depend on me for the parents room).  

If you would say a quick prayer for us to see God's hand in all the details, I'd be grateful.  He's already supplying all the grace needed.


  1. Problems are problems no matter what world we’re in. 😏 Transmissions! My plowman blew his truck transmission as well...this meant triple the plowing fee for me. I am already praying for no.more.snow.

    I loved reading about the logistics of your day and how everyone is helping out. Teamwork! It’s a good thing... I know The Lord is going to see you through.

  2. such cute little baby chicks...

    you asked about the color paint I will be link below and it will take you to my post about the paint.

  3. Praying you all will have a good day. I often think that vehicles are the bane of our first world existence:-) Still, it makes us not take them for granted. And God already knows how tomorrow will work out for you all, so not to worry.
    Blessings to you,

  4. That's kind of a when it rains it pours thing, and isn't that often the way life goes? None the less, the chicks are too cute and I can just see them in a line following you! I will pray things improve.

  5. I saw your chicks on Instagram and I'm glad to hear you will be able to keep a few. So sweet! And car trouble, grrr, I hear you. My daughter was rear ended (thankfully no one was injured) in a new car and getting it fixed has been a hassle...but as you said, first world problems and the fact that everyone was ok is a blessing and all I really care about.


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