Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Baking Gifts

Over the last few years we've begun to give baked goods as gifts for people who we interact with throughout the year, and to whom we want to show appreciation.  

Sarah was doing some baking late on Saturday night and took these photos of her making cappuccino muffins, which are a favorite whenever we take them places.

Here are some other ideas for baking gifts -

1. Frozen Cookie Dough - Make cookie dough up and roll it into a log shape and wrap with parchment or butcher paper.  We put these in the freezer until we need a gift, and then tie a fun ribbon and tag on them.  Who wouldn't like homemade cookies without having to make the dough.  This is a great gift for teachers, co-workers, etc.  Everyone is busy during the holiday season, and ready made dough is a welcomed gift!

2. Basket or Tin with Baking Tools - Its easy to find baskets or decorative tins (they're everywhere this time of year) and to use them to hold measuring cups, spoons, a bag of baking chips, or even a nice bottle of real vanilla!

3. Homemade Bread - Homemade bread is such a special gift.  It takes time and effort and tastes so good.  A rustic artisan loaf, a loaf of french bread, pumpkin or banana, too, make wonderful gifts!

It can be tricky these days with food allergies, but many stores have good gluten free sections, or you can find low carb sugar substitutes.  It would be a good idea to tuck the recipe of what you've made into the gift bag, and probably good to just avoid nuts altogether!

I have baking to do first thing in the morning, and then will leave to deliver some muffins to our local produce stand. They will be closing this week until next spring. We appreciate their hard work all year that allows us to each such good local food!

Do you gift baked goods as gifts?


  1. Yes, we like to give food gifts! I have given cranberry bread or shortbread cookies. Kati gives peppermint bark (coffee bark and orange bark, too!). And Bekah often makes truffles. People like to receive something with a personal touch, so sometimes I will give a small food gift along with a gift card. I love your idea of pre-made dough! Great idea!

  2. Cheryl’s up late and I’m up early...what a combination! I have given food gifts and will again this year...something simple like pumpkin bread. I have some small, decorative loaf pans to use that will become part of the gift. I appreciate the advice about leaving out the nuts.

  3. I don't make food gifts but my daughter makes little banana bread loaves to give:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. I make Texas Trash and give that every year as well as Fruitcake Cookies! Vee told me about Betty at Mennonite Girls Can Cook posting a recipe for Fruitcake Scones and I can’t wait to make some!

  5. Yes, every year I give homemade "canned" goods. I make them in the "heat of summer" and then pass them out in winter...summer goodness. That way I'm not too busy at this time of the year making things. Some of those are: peaches, strawberry jam, or applesauce. My son just thinks it's funny/weird that I give out a "can" of peaches for a Christmas present!!

  6. I love this idea. It's personal, it doesn't cost a lot and everyone loves treats!


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