Thanksgiving Table

For me, Thanksgiving kicks off the season of Joy!  We gather to give thanks, in differing numbers every year.  This year we had 13 people.  But however many are around our table, we are full of gratitude for the Lord's goodness to us.

I love to set a beautiful table and I have to say this years table is one of my favorites.  Our kitchen and living room are open to each other, and we have no dining room, so all the photos have 'real life' happening in the background.

After dinner, the girls and one of our nieces went to watch the sunset at the Pinnacle, and when they got back we decided to go see the Christmas lights at the Herr Snack Foods factory in Nottingham.  This company does this every year as a gift to the public, and the light displays are so beautifully done.  

When we got back from doing that, we played dominoes until a friend dropped in for a visit.  Playing dominoes meant that the table display was dismantled, but now the flowers and candles are disbursed all around the room!

Today is my usual Christmas decorating day, and I'll do some, but we won't get our tree until after I get back from Texas.  My bigger priority for this weekend is to spend time with my family.  The older they get the more spread out we are, but by building memories and heartstrings, we are together no matter where we are!

Have a lovely weekend friends!


  1. That was certainly one gorgeous table!! And I am sure that lovely memories were made around it!! We have much to be thankful for . . .

  2. Your table is lovely, Deanna, and your Thanksgiving gathering sounded just wonderful. The season of Joy is upon us and what a glorious time of year it is! Have a delightful weekend. Blessing to everyone!

  3. It all looks absolutely delightful...could figure as a magazine cover! But what makes it special is the family all gathering together.

  4. As I just made it out of the dishpan twenty minutes ago, I will not be doing much more today. Perhaps tomorrow... 🙂

    Your Thanksgiving table was certainly inspired. You have helped me to think how something can be repurposed to be greater than in its original state.

    Slowing down to enjoy your family is such a fine idea.

  5. Your table was lovely. I am sure it made everyone feel special and welcome.

  6. That turned out beautiful! The white mums just say formal with the ivy and candelabras.


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