Monday, November 26, 2018

Full Weekend

This past weekend was full of many good things.  Family, friends, food, music, decorating, games, trips to see the Christmas light display we always visit more than once a season.

I've been knitting cowls, and finished one to take on my trip to Texas.  Today's the day!  Sarah and I will be heading to the airport this afternoon.  Besides visiting our friends, we will be having a  girls only road trip in Texas!  Its going to be lots of fun!

Here are two cowls I'm taking to Texas

I took this photo late last night.  Guests had just left, and I was stitching up cowls.  I can see that I'm tired, but also I'm content.  

I hope you have a great week.  I probably won't post this week, but I'll be busy on Instagram!  We're going to Waco, y'all!  I have to Instagram that!


  1. Don't think you'll need those cowls in Texas! Not with the weather you're used to. I'm in San Antonio; it's not supposed to freeze all week, just get close a couple of mornings this week. Have a great trip! And Welcome to TEXAS!

  2. Oh what coziness:) LOVE those cowls and I know that are soooooo WARM! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Hope you enjoy your visit to our wonderful state! Welcome to Texas!

  4. Today is THE day?! Wow. Time slipped off on me. Happy traveling and have a blast in Waco. I’ll be watching your Instagram account. ☺️

  5. Your weekend sounds like mine: delightfully tiring! I'm sure you won't be catching up on your rest on this fantastic trip, but . . . oh, how much fun you're going to have! I'll be heading over to Instagram in a bit. Maybe I'll get a peek at your adventures!


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