Busy, But Wonderful, Weekend

This past weekend was a really good one.  

It started on Friday, when I hosted my mom and some of her friends for their monthly girls luncheon.  Lindsay had come over in the morning and she made shortbread cookies, and helped me set the table.  

I had decided on blue and white, to use my new plates, and I new I had enough blue and white tea cups.  For the luncheon I made curried chicken salad and served it on a bed of spring greens, and a slice of cantalope.  I made cream scones, and had Tunnock's tea cakes, Lindsay's shortbread cookies, and a gluten free lemon yogurt cake with a strawberry puree' and whipping cream.

Everyone got to choose their own tea, of course.  They all had a delightful time, and I'm thinking that I need to host them again for an afternoon tea in the autumn!

I was proud to be invited to attend Cheryl's daughter Kati's wedding on Saturday.  

Their love story is sweet, and the wedding was lovely.  Full of family, she included all of her nieces and nephews, other than sweet baby Judah!  Cheryl's immediate family all sang the song "Welcome to the Family."  This song was one of the popular 'Psalty, The Singing Songbook' children's series, many years ago.  

I won't share more, as I will leave that to Cheryl, but it was a special day for an amazing young woman, and young man, who waited on God.

In other news, the peonies I cut have opened.  More slowly than when I get them from the floral supplier, so I think I just cut them a tad early.  The ones that aren't open are a different color and tend to bloom just a bit later than the pink.

It's peony season, friends.  Prepare to see lots of photos!

I hope you had a really good weekend.  See you tomorrow!


  1. I like lots of peony pictures and bride pictures and ladies’ tea pictures...just whatever you want to share. And, yes, you did indeed have a busy weekend. Is this a busy week, too?

  2. Sweet friend, I am so happy that WE were a part of your busy weekend!! My heart is full!!

  3. What a blessing that song was to the new family member! Sweet! SWEET!
    The luncheon for your mom and friends was a most thoughtful thing to do!
    Yup! You stay plenty busy - blessing others and being blessed!


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