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In my first year of blogging, I found another new blogger at The Inspired Room.  Melissa has a home decor blog, and I love the things she shares about making your house YOUR home, and styling your home to suit you and your family.  

She's been writing books the last few years, too, and they are really wonderful.  She has a new book out called, Simple Decorating, and I really love it.

It is a small paperback book with 50 tips to "inspire your home."

When I got my book in the mail, I thought, "This is a wonderful book for a newlywed or a young mom."  The format is laid out so you can read a tip in just a few minutes.  Tips about lighting, rugs, paint, how to decorate on a budget.

This may be my favorite book of hers so far.  I keep it on the table next to the chair I sit in to read.  It's inspiring even for me with many years of home making and creating experience.

I was sent this book by the publisher, but my thoughts are, as always, all my own!

ps - Did you know there was an Inspired Room coloring book?  You can check it out here!


  1. I was not aware of her books Deanna....thank you SO much for sharing this! I sure wish I had something similar to this when I was a newlywed!

  2. Sounds wonderful. I think that I will pick up a couple for just the gifts you suggest. Easy makes everything so much better!

  3. Hi Deanna, I have visited her blog, and love her ideas too! Years ago as a young bride and mother I was given a few books by some well known authors and they certainly helped me, this book would make a great gift for a bride! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The coloring book looks like fun. And her book too.


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