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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This and That

So, I've found I'm not a good forced rest-er. I've been binge watching old seasons of NCIS that I've never seen.  I've also been reading a lot, and really enjoying 'The Scent of Water,' by Elizabeth Goudge.  Problem is I keep thinking of things I should be doing but I'm tired and don't feel like it.  I may actually go out to the bank today.

Lindsay gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for Mother's Day, and I'm interesting in book/author recommendations.  If you had a gift card, what book would you buy? Go!

We are in a rain cycle again.  Wondering if its going to continue into the summer?  Cool and rainy.  Not typical for Pennsylvania this late into May.  What's it like where you are?

My irises are in bloom!  The peonies are prettier but the iris look really good.

These are planted along the creek bank.  I also have them in front of my goldmound spirea which is planted by the lamppost, and by the mailbox.

I'm committed to sharing beauty, in the midst of a very world.  I'm not closing my eyes to pretend that the evil isn't there, but I want to look for the good, and share the beauty of creation and the creator.

I hope you have a really good day!


  1. We are in a rain mode here too. Our ground is already saturated and three more days of rain predicted. Sounds like a cozy day for you!

  2. Hmmmm . . . in Barnes and Noble, I'd probably head for the biographies. Or maybe the cookbook section. Or their paperback classics. Or even the children's books. Or maybe the display of new releases. Okay. I'm no help at all.

    I think we're kind of in the same cycle. We'll have two or three gorgeous days, and then a string of rainy ones. (I'll take that over the hot ones that are sure to come.)

    I hope your resting isn't driving you crazy! :)

  3. Weather? Thin sunshine and cool with lots of pollen in the air...we can literally watch the dogwood fluff fly all through the air.

    I am still in my nightgown. Don't think that I need to go anywhere today. Hope not because I'm not goin.'

    Can't help you with a book because I just ordered the book you recommended by Melissa. Can't wait until it shows up...might be today.

    Glad that you are getting restless. That's a good sign. ☺

  4. Ann Kennedy's devotional "Nailed It" is an incredible book that really get to the root of the ugliness of this world, and brings into sharp focus our (humanity's) problem of being sinners, and what we do about it. Highly recommended, and she just posted on her blog that Barnes and Nobles carries it.

    Otherwise, I don't buy many newly written books anymore, so I would probably also head for the cookbook section, maybe to splurge on of the expensive foreign cookbooks.

  5. Very cool here again after several days in the 80's...
    I saw a book I'd like to read on the religious table at B & N... The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation. I've put a hold on it at our local library. Hope to be reading it soon. It's not fiction and don't know if it's a topic you're interested in.

  6. Cold and rainy again here today. Boo. I love books and B&N is one of my favorite places to go. I like to buy books I can write it. Journals, devotionals with areas for reflection, anything like that. I get my books at the library. I don't keep them...just don't have the room. Enjoy spending your dough and feel better!

  7. Perhaps you are already getting better and that's why you're restless! I think I've seen every single NCIS at least 3 times! I'm rewatching Downton Abbey while we are here at the ranch. Going home tomorrow though.....

  8. Committed to beauty! Yes! We all need that. My first thought on the B & N gift card was a Journal (someone else mentioned that too), something pretty for you to write in, or even just a pretty shopping list Journal. Music CD's or even a movie. Puzzles or games that you all could enjoy...the list is endless, have fun shopping!

  9. We've had a very wet and rainy spring here too, and it is good today to see the sun shining again! My irises haven't bloomed yet, in fact my tulips are still blooming! Very late spring here for sure. But I sure do love and look forward to all the coming blooms of spring. Have a blessed weekend :)


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