Amazing Sunday

Yesterday in church, we were blessed to have Lt. Neal Rice, who is a member of our congregation share.
He is home on a two week "vacation". He serves as a platoon leader, and he shared what he has learned through his time in Iraq.

Several things he said stood out to me. One is that we take peace for granted. Most people around the world do not live in peace, nor do they expect to. They want what we have here. Another thing was that the parents there fear that their children will be murdered on the way to school, or that a car bomb will blow the school up, or that someone teaching at the school will teach an ideology that will lead their child to live a hatefilled and short life.
We are so blessed here.

Another thing he shared was that he wonders what all the rushing around (we American's do) was about, why the push to get bigger houses, fancier cars, to be popular or famous etc...He has gained an appreciation for living a simple life. A small house in the country, being faithful to your spouse, loving on your children. These are the important things in life.

You can listen to what he shared at our church's website, On the right is a schedule that has yesterdays day and his name, click on that and you should be able to hear his remarks from yesterday's church service.

Continue to pray for these ordinary, amazing soldiers who serve our nation. Many of us from his church are wearing yellow and black bracelets that say "Neal-Until you come home", it reminds us to pray for him everyday.


  1. Glad you had a good day, yesterday.
    I was here a few minutes ago and enjoyed your new header. So beautiful.
    Thought I'd come back and tell you.

  2. Gee that looks like my backyard!!!! NOT!!!


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