Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Remembering October 2, 2006

Today we remember the terrible murder that took place at a nearby Amish school. The bravery of the girls is astonishing. The oldest girl stated "shoot me first."

Much has been made of the community's forgiveness of the man who did this heinous crime. They believe that it is their duty to forgive because they have been forgiven by God. They do struggle with their loss, and understandably. They, like many of us, must work daily to forgive, it is not often once and done. They made a decision to forgive. They have reached out to the widow of the shooter and to his children. This family has been devistated by this crime as well.

Today we remember, and we pray for the families, that they will have peace that passes all understanding.

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  1. So very hard to believe it's been a year, Mrs. Rabe. Prayer continued heavenward for the families of these sweet girls. I cannot imagine their grief.

    On another note - have you rec'd a pkg in the mail? Hoping the stagecoach didn't get a flat...


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