Bowling Friends

Well, we have known each other for many years now, my bowling friends and I. We met because we all homeschool, in fact we are all in the same group that meets for classes, such as art, gym, music.

We began bowling in the late spring, and have been at it nearly every week since. This is a fun time for us, a change from the usual schedule and a chance to get some exercise for us and our kids.

My parents started bowling with us in the summer and they are the best bowlers in the group! Of course, they bowled when I was a kid, but they haven't for many years.

Here are two pictures from today - Becky and my Mom, Phyllis.

Me and Becky.

Now I just need to get pictures of Jana, Belinda, Marla.....


  1. Ouch! You can see the migraine in my eyes. I don't "do" pictures. My husband gets upset because I cut myself out of them when I scrapbook...
    The bowling is so fun, though. And don't Mrs. Rabe and her mother absolutely glow? Sweet!
    Becky K.

  2. Oh Becky! I can see it in your eyes. Poor thing! I trust you are fine now.

  3. Yes you did - we might need to expand the band - looks like you are having fun!


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