Our sweet Samantha, who thinks she is a people, with her puppies. She looks very brown in this picture, but actually looks black in person. She does have boxer in her and she does have some brown hair, but she definately is not this light in person.

Aren't her puppies cute? Want one?


  1. They ARE cute... and I LOVE your signature!
    See you tomorrow!
    Becky K.

  2. They are really beautifull. Take good care of them!

    Best regards from Portugal

  3. No dogs allowed here at my house. Sorry. I am sure someone with a farm wants a good dog. Ma Phidas said they had white noses. I don't see any white???

  4. Oh golly, I'm sure they have that precious puppy smell - I can smell them now. And your little mama looks so very content with her wee babies.

    Precious. Just precious.

  5. No white noses, just white on their chests, like Sam.

    She is being a very good mama, which is nice, as I don't want to "mama" the puppies!

  6. They are just so adorable! I love dogs and would take them all if I had the room!



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