I pray that your Sunday will be full of peace, joy and grace in the Lord Jesus Christ! Enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather. This time of year puts me awe of a God who would create such beauty out of a season of decay. Only our God!


  1. I've never thought of autumn like that before - but you are so right. I love your picture. Autumn & swans .... for special reasons I love both.

  2. Soooo Pretty!

    We are finally starting to see some color. It is late...but it is pretty.

    Becky K.

  3. what a lovely picture. :o)

    a little birdie (by the name of becky) told me basically that you may be oh so tired after your coop meeting. i'm offering a peppermint foot balm - virtually of course - but wouldn't it feel nice?

    have a restful day.


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