Puppies, Puppies Everywhere!

Our sweet dog Samantha, had puppies yesterday. 11 of them! I will post pictures soon. Yesterday, we arrived home from church and lunch to find that she had given birth to 5 of them on Lindsay's bed!!!! yikes!

So today we are off to find a new mattress set. In fact we are thinking we will get a larger bed for us and give her our, oh so comfy, pillowtop bed.

Ahhhhh, just when I think things are settling down....


  1. Oh My goodness! Congratulations...I think!

  2. Oh how wonderful (about the puppies not the bed)!


  3. Yay! First kittens, now puppies! What a fun house!

  4. Boy oh boy do my kids ever wish we lived close to you guys - how much fun can one house have....looking forward to seeing the pics.


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