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Today we went to the Pepperidge Farm Factory and had a tour. It was very interesting to see how Goldfish, Milano cookies, hamburger buns, bread, made. These use a lot of machinery and robots and even humans to get those cookies into their packages. We even got to go into quality control and help with taste testing! :)

After the tour they kindly allowed us to shop in the employee store where they sell bread to their employees for what the founder used to sell her loaves of bread for, ready for this? 25 cents, yes that is right, 25 cents! Also rolls of all kinds for 25 cents. I don't know what the cookies and fishy's sold for but it was cheap. We have a freezer in the basement so I stocked up!

We learned that the founder, Margaret Rudkin got her start during the depression, by making bread for her son who had severe allergies and asthma. Her doctor was impressed, tried her bread and loved it, as did her friends. They all convinced her that she should sell it. The rest is history!

After the tour we went bowling with our friends from co-op. It was not my best day but it was still good exercise and a lot of fun, wasn't it Becky?


  1. That sounds very interesting!
    I love the fall picture!!

  2. Where is the factory?? Sound like a fun trip! I remember going to Wonder Bread in elementary school. We got a little teeny loaf of bread. So cute!

  3. Today sounded like a lot of fun. That is part of the beauty of homeschooling. I love your fall picture.

  4. Oh, it was so fun, I went back this evening and bowled two games. Since I had to leave before I was finished this afternoon I just did not feel 'done'.

    I'm glad you went on the Pepperidge Farm Trip. It sounds like it was a good time. I LOVE Milano cookies...too much!

    Becky K.

  5. The Gills say "hello".
    They really enjoyed the day you spent showing us around the amish country. They said that made them want to go back someday and spend their whole vacation in the area. They loved it.


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