Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh A Kid'll Eat The Middle Of An Oreo First....

We ate at a yummy bbq place in Williamsburg "Red Hot And Blue". The kids meals came with a package of 2 oreos.

Kyle found a new use for his honey mustard.....


  1. That is too funny, I am not sure how good that tasted, but I bet to him it was good!!

  2. That is too hilarious! I've really been enjoying all your Williamsburg posts.

    I actually had my speakers on today when I visited (usually don't). I _love_ "Give me Jesus" and hadn't heard it in a while. Thanks-it was so nice to hear it tonight.

    I don't know all the titles on your list but think we probably have similar tastes in music from what I do recognize.

  3. youre blog is beautiful!!!

  4. Thanks DarLy! Welcome!

    I asked Kyle today if he liked his oreos with the honey mustard and he said "yes". Goofy boy!

  5. I do not think I like honey mustard with my oreos...but if Kyle does...that's funny!

    What a sweetheart!!!!

    Becky K.

  6. He is the cutest and sweetest boy.


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